Friday, June 24, 2011

Officially a VIP {at a bar}

A month and a half ago I completed a beer list consisting of 44 beers at my favorite downtown bar. It’s called the Noggin Room and if you want to see why it’s my favorite place ever, see here.
Anyway, upon completion you receive a mug engraved with any phrase you wish. I knew right away that my mug would read "Love & Honor" which is Miami University's fight song/motto.  I'm kind of obsessed about my college so it was kind of a given that my mug would represent that!

Love and honor to Miami,
Our college old and grand.
Proudly we shall ever hail thee,
Over all the land.
{Fight, fight, fight!}
Alma mater now we praise thee,
Sing joyfully this lay.
Love and honor to Miami,
Forever and a day.

So after a lonnnng six weeks of asking the bartender at least once a week “is my mug here yet?” it finally arrived! Last night while I was waiting to order a drink, my friend, Jordan, handed me a binder that has all the mug names and where they are located within the bar. I aimlessly started flipping through the pages until BOOM, I see my last name…then my mug name….then G-44. I was speechless while Jordan asked “wait…what’s up…is it there?” All I could get out was “what wall is G!?” before practically sprinting away. Jordan caught up with me as I was scanning the wall yelling out loud “39…40…41…42…43…AHH!”
There was my baby. One of my bucket list items I have been waiting to fulfill in my lifetime is now completed. I am now the proud owner/member of the Noggin Room “Hall of Foam." After my celebration and a few dance moves, I quickly ordered a beer to be poured into it. One perk, other than bragging rights of the mug, is for the rest of my life whatever drink is poured into the mug is only $1. FOR LIFE! Just think.... Someday, I will take my kids  out to dinner there and make them walk past it as I say “There’s my mug… Your mother worked so hard for that.” Hahaha. Don’t know if that’s a good example to give your children, but I can't help but think its going to happen. Enough with the future!

Here are a few pictures of my mug hanging out with some of its friends:
"Love & Honor" with "K.Scotty"
My best friend since kindergarden
"Love & Honor" hanging out with "Buzzing!"
My ex-boyfriend's mug...
He lives in Boston now so I thought I would send him a
picture of our mugs "bonding."
Little did I know that while celebrating and singing along to the live music, outside a storm was brewing... Luckily the bar is in the basement of a hotel, so I was safe but had no idea that this was going on in Bay Harbor right on Lake Michigan. I am kind of happy because I would have been a basket case.
What's with all this scary weather lately? Its creepy now to look at it and and think "What if?" but honestly nothing was bring me down last night! My mug and I are together at last.


TheDogLikeCynic said...

Haha, that is so cute...your mug bonding with the other mugs ;)

Sarah said...

Congrats on the mug!

Emily said...

you are ridiculous