Friday, June 10, 2011

"I treat my clothes like my veggies...

...I wouldn't buy 'em if they weren't fresh!" - Joe
I think I am going to start a feature on my blog about my brother's wardrobe. {Need help coming up with a good name for it, so if you have any ideas let me know!} My little 6'2" brother, Joe, is constantly getting dressed up and has a seriously preppy fashion sense. Which makes it easy to break down some of his best outfits this summer. He has always been like me growing up by making it a priority to look presentable at all times – whether it’s to school, church, or appointments. Another similarity is our closets. I always had my closet color-coordinated going up and my brother loved how it looked.  So he started doing it. I will never forget the first time he organized it all and took a picture saying “I learn from the best.” A few years later and he became obsessed with anything and everything Polo. His groups of guy friends even do “Polo Mondays” at high school which means nowadays he is always on the hunt for Polo swag.  
The amount of clothes he has accumulated is getting so ridiculous that he now has 2 closets – one for his dress shirts and pants and the other is for his casual clothes.
So to start of strong, I am going to blog about his outfit this past Sunday. It was high school graduation and as part of his community service for National Honor Society, Joe had to be the guy to walk seniors to their proper row. So this was the ensemble he decided to wear:

1.   Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt
2.       Armani Solid Blue Silk Tie
3.       Coach belt
4.       Polo pants
5.       Steve Madden white shoes
It’s fun to see the different outfit combinations he is able to come up with and even the principal tells him all the time “if only I could dress like you.” I am just hoping he gets best dressed by the end of his high school career!

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