Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Embrace the Summer Feeling.

So this weekend launched the home improvement project marathon and thankfully my entire family was on board. Since it was such a beautiful day, my mom, sister, and me made a trip to Home Depot and then a quick visit to Pier One for some essentials and inspiration. Along with purchasing home accents and furnishings, I picked up a few items for myself. I wanted to embrace the warm weather and bright colors with these "must-haves."
Double-walled drink cups with plastic straw.
I own the first one!
3 Medium-Size Paper Lanterns for my Apartment Next Semester
Round Bright Red Pillow Ball
The pillow is the exact red color of a lamp I already own, so its a great accent for my future bedroom. And since I am a sucker for the whole paper-lantern look, there was no way I was walking out of the store without a few of them. Plus, it will be nice to have some soft lights hanging in the corner of the room next semester.
I know the box marked "Going back to college" currently living in the corner of my room is going to be full of new items to make my new home feel "just like home" over the summer months.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Pop of Color.

So its officially the beginning of the week which means one fantastic thing... I am allowed to change my fingernail polish! {If I didn't limit myself to one color a week, they would be a different color everyday.} The newest polish that has been added to my collection and currently residing on my nails is "Smooth Sailing" by Essie.
Safe to say... Its perfect.  The polish is a periwinkle blue with silver microglitter... I love how after two coats, its just as rich in color as the bottle implies. Funny thing is, I love it even more now that I am at work. Sounds weird but honestly as I type and work on my drawings, I can see flashes of purple, silver, and different shades of blue as my fingers move. I am usually drawn to nail colors that have some depth to it, and this bottle totally fits the bill. Plus its perfect after Memorial Day weekend. So goodbye hot pink from last week, and say hello to blue!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just when I think I couldn't love him more...

We all know how obsessed I am with my little brother, Joe-Joe. {See post below titled “I like to brag…” as proof.} But just when I think I couldn’t love him anymore… he surprises me with the greatest/sweetest present ever.
So I am going to try to set up the scene in order for you to fully understand my reaction{which was crying.}  The background story started a week ago when my sister, Kelly, found a picture of the two of us girls smelling a lilac flower when we were younger. Neither of us had seen this picture before so naturally we fell in love with it. Well, Joe overheard us talking about getting it enlarged and framed for each of our apartments next school year, therefore he thought about recreating the photo for an school art project. So last night, picture me running out of the house to hug my brother after his baseball game and me rambling about how wonderfully he pitched and played, then he interrupts me to say “I have something for you.” He reaches into his school backpack and pulls out this picture…
Joe's hand-drawing of the below picture.
I immediately was a basket case... speechless... just bawling my eyes out. He was kind of taken back and joked to my mom like "wow, didn't think that would be her reaction." After a short while of trying to comprehend the drawing, I somehow got out the sentence "we have to show Kelly." I basically sprinted inside and called her into the kitchen. All it took was me handing the picture to her and all she got out was "Ohh my goodness...Joe...." then tears. We probably sound pathetic, but its amazing how something so innocent and simple could be the greatest & most spontanous gift. Has anyone else received something that literally brought you to tears?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Words of Wisdom.

Since I am new to blogging, I had no idea that my page would become a major source of reflection and inspiration over the past few months. I love being linked to other creative people and gathering ideas of fashion, design, and lifestyle choices. Originally, I had wanted to blog about completed projects and run ideas past the blogger world. So far, so good. Now I am trying to maximize the amount of home improvement, DIY projects, and updating apartment goods this summer in a positive & "cheap" way. So I decided to record my goals/guidelines as a way to reiterate to myself everyday what I want to accomplish. Which include:
  • Swearing by the 3R's  {repaint, repaper, reupholster}
  • Steal ideas from other people's houses
  • Even the inside of closets and cabinets can be painted/wallpapered
  • Trust your instincts - "Go with your gut"
  • Don't be afraid to mix styles
So yesterday, I purchased the newest issue of "House Beautiful" magazine and didn't get around to reading it until break time at work. Well as soon as I opened the cover, those pesty magazine ads feel out and littered my desk. I was bothered until something caught my eye. It had to be fate intervening because when I saw the sentence "Get a Year of House Beautiful & Veranda Magazine for only $14," I was sold. Right now I am picturing myself cutting out ideas and making mood boards... Or at least, sitting outside in a lawn chair flipping through the issues. Bring on the inspiration!
Ohh, the DIY Network. There were many days this past semester at college that I would lounge in my chair glued to marathon episodes of "Rehab Addict." I love her... I love her "job." I can't imagine having the opportunity to gut a house completely and redo it as a flip. The best part about the TV show is she chooses houses that used to be the staple or glory of its neighborhood and now have become run-down or left-behind. It is so incredible that she is able to find old pieces that complement the era of the houses in this modern world. Since our house is old and my mom wants to keep the details of its time, she has become inspiration for me to go out and find pieces that will reflect that.
No joke... I own this toolbox. {Going to college present from the parents}
So all in all, I am hoping a little bit of blogging, magazines, and television shows will be the perfect amount of inspiration to get my butt into gear and a paintbrush in my hand. So be expecting a ton of posts regarding these projects I am getting myself into.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oohh Something Shiny!

Of course, anything shiny would catch my eye. I am a sucker for everything silver... especially jewelry. I went on the Chico's website this morning {only to look at jewelry} because we have one of their stores downtown and I was wondering if it was worth the trip... well, the answer was quickly figured out. Yes! I am going to head down there as soon as I get out of work. I love all of their pieces right now and its weird that the simpler the design the more I like it. I love classy pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down. With my job being both "down and dirty" yet professional, it makes it hard to pair jewelry with my outfit. But any of these would brighten up my day and my body. {Awkward sentence but I am keeping it!} So here are a few pieces I am drooling over:
Lastly, I had to put in a "pop of color" piece. Definitely will have to do a post on my obsession with turquoise. You can't go wrong with silver and turquoise, especially together. This necklace I am actually wearing right now with a black J.Crew tissue v-neck shirt and black wedges. Don't you just love how a piece of jewelry can make an outfit summery and fun?!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Like to Brag...

...only about family members. Out of our family of five, the only person who allows me to obsess over their lifestyle is my little brother, Joe. {aka Joe-Joe, Josefina, Baby Boy, Joe Fish, or Frank} Every other day I finish my 10 hour workday and speed drive to the baseball field in order to attend his double-header games. My car is usually prepacked the night before with extra coats, shoes, and pants so I am able to change according to how the weather is that night. Now that's dedication. But when I'm not at the park then I am probably out driving him to/from practice as well as picking up Gatorades for him in between the two. I know how to spoil a boy rotten BUT he deserves royal treatment because he gives me something exciting to do. So this is when the bragging comes into play...
This past weekend, Joe went up to the upper peninsula of Michigan to play baseball against Escanaba and for the first time my family didn't make the away game road trip. Instead we pulled the lawn furniture out, downloaded a radio app for my iPhone, and listened to the game while tanning outside. Thank goodness we got to listen because little Joe-Joe had the greatest game ever. So while our neighbors are landscaping and working outdoors, my mom and I were lounging on lawn chairs high-fiving and whooping/hollering as Joe crushes the ball and round the bases. So here is the article that is currently highlighted and taped to my desk! {For the world company to see.}
Baseball: Petoskey goes 1-1 in the Escanaba Baseball Invitational

ESCANABA -- Junior Joe Robbins had a monster day at the plate Saturday as Petoskey went 1-1 in the Escanaba Baseball Invitational.
The Northmen dropped their opener to the host Eskymos, 12-11, then came back to beat Negaunee, 11-3, in the consolation game.
Robbins had seven hits in nine at-bats on the day. He had four doubles, two triples and drove in eight runs.
In the opener, Robbins had two doubles and two triples and finished with five RBI, while Austin Panoff added two hits and drove in two runs for the Northmen. Kelsey Heinrich also had two hits and an RBI for the Northmen, who collected 14 hits in the contest.
The Northmen trailed 10-2 after five innings, then scored five runs in the sixth and four in the seventh for an 11-10 lead. Escanaba pushed across the tying and winning runs in the bottom of the seventh.
Cole Paul took the loss in relief of Robbins. He allowed five runs (two earned) while walking one and striking out two over four innings.
Robbins started and went three innings. He allowed seven runs (two earned) while walking three and striking out two.
Robbins had three hits including two doubles and drove in three runs in game two. Tyler Romanick singled and doubled for the Northmen, while Panoff and Heinrich added two hits apiece, and David Waterson had an RBI single.
Dillon Kelley went the distance in earning the win. He struck out nine and walked three.
Robbins, Heinrich and Panoff were named to the all-tournament team.
The Northmen play host to Alpena in a Big North Conference doubleheader today, Monday, at Turcott Field. They then entertain Traverse City Central in a league twinbill on Thursday, May 26.
Petoskey leads the league at 6-0, while both Alpena and Central are 4-2. If the Northmen sweep the
Wildcats today, they clinch a share of the league championship.
I should have mentioned earlier that I am a stalker when it comes to taking pictures at his games. I have to make sure to document every moment/walkout/swing he does, so you will see me walking around the fence getting every angle. I am ridiculous. So the true question is... Anyone else out there obsessed to their siblings? Or live vicariously through them? Because this girl definitely does.

Ranting About Book Covers?

...Yes! One of my weird personality quirks is I purchase books that I know will be fun to read and also look good in my bookcase.Well I am majorly bummed out that a book I already own in hard copy now looks completely different for the softcover. I like the other one a lot more. {Maybe its just a "grass is greener" situation, but I can't help it.} I am now laughing out loud as I type this because I am realizing it's just a minor rant via blog, but honestly which one would you want more?
My copy.

The newest copy.
How can one be so cheering and bright and the other so dark and mysterious. That's Chuck Palahniuk for you... Quite the author and imagination. Now I want to see if any of my other books have new front covers, but I don't want to be disappointed.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No Day Is So Bad...

...it can't be fixed with a nap.

My morning today started with day-dreaming about next academic year's apartment. Before I knew it, I was online getting ideas/inspiration for bedding and color schemes. Because let's face it, a bedroom has to be designed completely around the bed. I am kind of bummed that over the past few years I have accumulated furniture and all the must-have apartment goods and now I am moving into a fully-furnished place. {going backwards} Also, I will be leaving behind my beloved twin size bed to sleep in a full size now. {Probably crazy to call that a con, but I love-love-love my "baby" bed.} So that calls for all new bedding...throw pillows...bed skirts...blankets galore. The only problem: I am terribly indecisive. So here are a few options that I been lovin' all day long.
Cannon Bedding
I have been in lust with this bed-set from Cannon for over a year now. The pattern and color of the sheets are gorgeous and challenge the simpler-design of comforter in the greatest way. Seriously, that picture of the bed just looks like heaven and ready for me to curl up pass out after long days at the engineering lab. {Or right now because I should be in bed NOT @ work.} Its also the cheapest of the bedding sets that I have listed, which is a huge pro for this little college student. 
Kate Spade
{if my personality was a bed-set... it would be this}
Kate Spade "Hello Sunshine"

Jordan (Reversible)
So I am mentally going through the floorplan of my last apartment taking inventory of everything I can still use and keep with me in Ohio. But, I have this lamp from Pier One that I am still obsessed with, so I hope to use it in my bedroom next year... So a black and white theme again or just do color that has a red accent?

My bedding & lamp from old bedroom
Good thing I have an entire summer to figure out which bedding to choose. So definitely expect more bedding posts because once the work day ends, the search will become more extensive. It will all lead up to the BIG purchase and then will come posts for other accents/accessories for the room as well. :) Tell me what you think though... Let me know which one you like the best. {I need all the help I can get.}

Pop of Color.

Well its a new week which means time for a new nail polish color. I really need to get some more hobbies or a new life if I obsess about which color my nails should be every week... but its fun and keeps me happy. My newest addition to my fingernail polish collection is OPI's La Paz-itively Hot and I am lovin' it.
Say hello to the color flavor of the week! Haha.

Monday, May 23, 2011

S'more Please.

As of lately, I have become known as the girl who brings cupcakes into work. I can't help that I like seeing my coworkers the boys happy. So due to the last batch being made strictly for artwork and dedicated to my beloved hockey team... I thought I would challenge myself with a recipe that requires homemade frosting and some serious skills. While sitting around the bonfire this past weekend, I got the idea to try to make a cupcake taste like a s'more. After a few minutes online, I quickly found recipes and ideas of other bloggers who had this genius idea... I don't know why I thought I was going to be the first person to think up this idea! Haha. So after going to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients, I cranked the volume up on my cooking/baking playlist {It doesn't get played nearly enough} to get going.
The basic ingredients... The inspiration.
So I wanted to create a graham cracker crust at the bottom of the cupcake, so I crushed the crackers with some chocolate shreds and pressed down to create a base. Put the cups in the oven for 5 minutes to bake, then poured the cupcake batter on top about 2/3 full before putting back into the oven.

These little cupcakes definitely gave me a fight to make. {Marshmallow fluff is very complicated/difficult to work with believe it or not!} The frosting didn't turn out how I envisioned but my taste-testers at home were in love. I find it very humorous that when making cupcakes, I don't eat any of them. I think its from the time spent making them that by the time they are done, I am thinking... "Okay time to get rid of them. Immediately." And nothing makes them disappear faster than bringing them into work as a "Make My Day Monday" surprise.
Side note: expect a baking/cooking playlist post later... because once that ran out, my brother put in a CD from early 2000's that had us busting out lyrics in the kitchen.

Something Old With Something New.

Okay, I had to take a break from blogging all weekend because I seriously went from one home-improvement project to the next. Now my arms, legs, and back are definitely feeling the pain, so it feels good to just sit and type how my to-do list is coming along. It all started last week when I had my eyes peeled for pieces of furniture and storage to redo revamp to use on our back porch area. The only problem is my family keeps getting side-tracked due to lack of motivation, so I am overcompensating by obsessing over the project... That is what happens when you give me too much time to develop a game-plan or design. My mom is half expecting me to pull up a PowerPoint every time I grab my Mac, but instead its just a few mood boards I've created. So, I went up to our attic looking for inspiration. I ended up stumbling upon a long wooden shelf that would fit perfectly above the washer and dryer. All it needs is a few coats of white paint and two black cast iron brackets, then its ready to hang and hold detergent and the much needed "one-sock missing basket."
I swear the wash eats one of my brother's Nike socks each load.
Another piece I want to reuse is an old storage cabinet. It is currently lacking any hardware to keep the door closed and desperately needs a new paint job, but its perfect for storing all of the odds and ends. {Out of sight, out of mind.} I am trying to figure out how I want to line the interior shelves, but that can happen muchhhh later. But I want it to compliment the paint choice of the walls.
Sherwin-Williams "Evergreen"
I have always wanted a bench area to take off shoes/boots from the backyard, so luckily I found an storage bin that I am going to redesign and add a bench lid! I am a sucker for taking something old and making it new. I am picturing a fun green & white fabric to make it interesting and a focal point of the room. It already has the wainscoting design around it's sides so I am going to tie it in by creating a backdrop with the same design. Then between the two windows on the same wall, I want to adding some smaller cast iron hooks as well. That should tie it all together.
My inspiration...
{Instead of 2 walls we are doing it in between 2 windows!}
Use bead board vertically to create a featured wall.
Fabric choices for the bench seat
I love cast iron hooks... Country Chic!
Our house is already pretty cozy and the little touches of country are a reoccurring theme throughout the rooms so I want to bring them to the back porch. Yesterday was spent with me prepping the walls to get ready to paint, while my dad installed the half-bath's new sink. {So exciting!} I can't wait to start painting and then add these details to pull it all together. Now if only I could get my ENTIRE family to work together and get inspired... maybe I will show 'em this post! {Let my projects keep coming...}

Friday, May 20, 2011

Top 5 Celebrity Crushes.

I saw this post on the "Guess How Much I Love You" blog and I had to do my own version of it. {Thank you.} Just the thought of googling pictures of these leading men that make my heart melt seemed like the perfect way to start my Friday morning. I have a movie rental addiction, so it made limiting down to 5 pretty hard. But I knew who my absolute number one would be, so I went from there. So enjoy the eye candy, ladies!
1. Channing Tatum
2. Ryan Gosling
3. Josh Holloway

4. Shia Labeouf
5. Bradley Cooper
Since I can't make it through the workday, a workout, or a car-ride without music, I thought I would also include the men who energize me throughout the day. More times than not, I find myself day-dreaming that the song playing through my headphones is being sung to just me. {Especially, "Bow Chicka Wow Wow"}
1. Mike Posner!
2. Eric Church
3. Jesse McCartney
4. Adam Levine
5. Matt Nathanson