Thursday, June 9, 2011

Paint Fight!

This is a continuation of the post from yesterday... The house painting series of events! 
While Jordan and I were at work for 10 hours yesterday, Scotty was at the house teaching himself how to use a paint sprayer. He did one coat of the Antique Copper on each side of the house and seriously kicked butt at getting it done in a timely fashion. I headed over after work to see the handiwork in person and then grabbed a brush to do the bottom edge and any places the sprayer left “blue” and needed a touch up.
can't wait to get rid of the "pink" shutters & strip down the
balcony and the deck on the other side.
This is where things get interesting… Jordan left to go to Home Depot in order to buy the accent and trim paint, leaving Scotty and I alone. Well with how ADD we both had become from the hours spent painting, we ended up getting into a huge paint fight. By the time, Jordan got home {2 hours later}, Scotty and I were both soaking wet from the garden hose and covered in paint. My favorite go-to move against Scotty was the paintbrush slap. It works wonders because you are able to commit, by slapping the brush against a forearm or leg and then quickly getting away. He had muscle while I had problem solving skills, so the way we went about "the war" was so different from each other. I am sure we looked like children as we giggled and flung paint… But he definitely needed a little fun after a day of being in the hot sun, not to mention I needed it to from sitting in my air conditioned office. Win-win!
Later I taped off the shutters and trim around the windows to start the first coat of the Nile Sand accent paint. By the time I had gotten 8 out of 10 shutters completed it was already getting dark and dinner was done. Jordan made insanely delicious pork chops on the grill with sides of rice and corn. We looked like a happy family sitting around the dining room table, as I led Grace and we talked about our day and the future plans for the house.
It’s raining today which means no more outdoor painting for a bit, but Jordan and I are still going to go look at hardwood floors for the interior. And start brainstorming paint colors for the living room, kitchen, and dining room. I love that we have momentum on this project and that its making us better friends. I love being able to have a drink in one hand, paintbrush in the other, while laughing awithgood company.  I am so blessed! {Jordan & Scotty owe me a manicure though…}
As I am writing this, I got a text from Scotty {who conveniently left to go out of town for business the rest of the week, meaning no more painting for him this week OR the final showdown of the paint fight} saying that he can’t get the copper color off of his hands or his body. {Which I think looks like a good spray tan!!} He sent me a picture as proof… I automatically start laughing because I am having the same problem! I currently have a streak of the lighter color paint down my left leg. You can only see the tail end of it from the bottom of my capris, but the paint seriously runs from my hip downward. Its safe to say that we were such embarrassments at our jobs today... But hey it makes for a good story.

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