Monday, January 30, 2012

To My Best "Frand"

This happened a week ago, but after a weekend of spending time with my best friends I just have to talk about it and share. My best friend, B, has been having some health issues lately and the doctors can’t figure out what exactly is wrong, so I have been on his speed dial as the one to call for trips to the ER. Well since he is such a manly-man the kid is still playing hockey at night. So after hitching a ride to their hockey game with my boyfriend {both on the same team}, I walk up to my “seat” in the stands and there is a card with a rose by it. I see the handwriting and know immediately it’s from B.
Inside the “You Are a Lifesaver” card, he states how dependable I am and how no one in his life has a relationship like we do. I know this is a hard thing for my boyfriend to understand since it’s like there’s another guy in my life that needs attention and I will drop anything (I cancelled a date the other night to take B to the hospital) to take care of him. But after he saw that B went out of his way to thank me like that, the boy realized that there is no changing this. So we all went out for dinner and even watched all the NHL All-Star action together. My world feels right again. I can have my best friend and my boyfriend in the same room without there being mixed feelings.
I cannot help but feel lucky. So now if only they would find out why B is feeling so sick I would be perfectly happy. One step/test at a time, right?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Current Favorites

Found this questionairre floating around the blogging world and I just had to share what I am loving/enjoying this week. So here we go:

Current Book(s):

 Current Playlist:
Poison & Wine = Civil Wars
Missed Calls = Mac Miller

Take Care (feat. Rihanna) = Drake
I Won't Give Up = Jason Mraz
Super Bass = Nicki Minaj {always will be my fav}

Current Color:
Brash Navy Blue with OPI Bring on the Bling accent nail.
Current Food:
Special K Breakfast Bars

Current Favorite Show(s):
 Current Favorite Movie:

Current Always Celebrity Crush:
Tyler Seguin from the Boston Bruins. Yes, he is the enemy but just look at him.
Current Indulgence:

Current Excitement:
Planning a roadtrip to my alma mater for a hockey game with my best friend. I am bringing my boyfriend with me, so it will be his first time seeing where I spent the last 5 years of my life.

Current Mood:
Current Favorite Quote or Verse:
Current Favorite App:
 My Fitness Pal - counting calories for me and helping me on my diet. Genius.
Current Favorite Product:
Corkcicle - Got it for Christmas and I use it all the time. Keeps wine at the perfect temperature!
What are you favorite things right now? What are you reading/seeing/ loving? I want to know.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Something About Birthdays...

Today is a very special day. Today is my boyfriend’s 24th birthday! It’s kind of crazy since a year ago I was at college at Miami University sitting at my desk posting on his Facebook wall just a simple “happy birthday post” and now here we are DATING and I’m counting down the hours until his party tonight. I guess a lot changes in a year. I never would have believed it if you would have told me that someone I knew from high school was going to change my life 6 years after graduation. Crazy, huh?
So about this dinner… his sister-in-law called me yesterday while I was at work asking what we should make for the celebratory meal. I immediately state that a side of broccoli cheddar soup has to be on the menu no matter what since it’s his favorite. We couldn’t decide on the main dish, so since I was going to see the boy that night at his hockey game I told her I would talk to him and figure it out. Well, after he gets off the ice and is sitting next to me still in his gear, smelling of hockey equipment, he said, “I want tacos and broccoli cheddar soup!” Really? That is quite the combination and should be very interesting together. I think I’ll just partake in the tacos and some Skinnygirl Margaritas. {Hey, I can pretend it’s my birthday too by cheating the diet for a night.} What makes the combo even more interesting… there is a cookies n crème ice cream cake for dessert. Yeah I am dating a 5 year old that is trapped in a 24 year old’s body.
Regardless, the presents are wrapped and the banner is made…

Get ready for a little update later this week. Hopefully we survive our first birthday together. Haha

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love & Honor Weekend.

I had one of the best weekends ever. I finally got to see my beloved alma mater’s hockey team up in my neck of the woods! All it took was an hour and a half drive north over the Mackinaw Bridge to get us to Lake Superior State University for some college hockey action. To makes things even better I was surrounded by amazing friends and the boyfriend.
He even wore some serious Miami Redhawks gear:
We went with another couple {best double date ever} and we hit the road wayyy before the game to slowly get up there and take in the great North.
Beautiful day for a roadtrip.
After many drinks and a few appetizers {good combo, huh?} we headed to the ice arena. I was flabbergasted to see we were so close to the Miami bench. The tickets said Row 5, but really it was only 2 rows above it… SWEET! So I got to look at these guys up close and personal.
It was also fun to see the coaches interacting with the players too in between shifts and on time outs.

A few of my friends drove up separate and sat in our section with us. So in total you had 7 obnoxious Miami fans cheering for the boys in red and white. Like my best friend, B, he's wearing a shirt I got at school for free. Love it.
I smiled through the entire game… even after being hit in the back of the head from someone doing Chuck-A-Puck. But I chalk that up to karma… I deserved it from standing up and cheering when LSSU got scored on.
I also want to see every ice rink in the CCHA conference, so that means I get to check off Lake Superior State University’s Taffy Arena off the list!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Shopper's High.

Okay after watching plenty of “extreme couponing” episodes, I have finally experienced what its like to get a crazy good deal for CHEAP. So last week I was walking past my salon when I saw they had clearance bottles of OPI fingernail polish in their window. So once I started lifting and reading the names of each bottle my attention get distracted by a sign that says “Buy 1, Get 2 Free.” I thought this was a joke since the bottles were already marked down 60%. So I grabbed 3 colors and headed to the counter expecting them to say “Ohh there’s a catch, you have to buy…” but it never happened. The stylist just looked at me and said, “That will be $3.60.” WHAT? For 3 bottles of OPI?
So here’s what I walked away with:
The One That Got Away

Cuckoo For This Color
San Tantanio
I am not going to lie, I went back the following day and got 3 more bottles, by then most were gone since I had to tell everyone and their mother about my crazy good deal. {I need to keep this finds to myself next time.} So I am one happy girl and set with new colors for the next few weeks… Yes I paint my nails a new color every week. #Obsessed.

Steady As She Rose

Sparrow Me The Drama

Don't You Think I'm Tex-ty?
Grand Total of 6 Bottles of OPI fingernail polish.... $7.20!
Feeling of complete success = Priceless

Have any of you gotten a crazy deal like this? Or channeled your inner extreme coupon-er habits? How about a shopper's high? Let me know!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

First of all I have to apologize for my lack of blog posts, but life has gotten crazy… a good crazy though. My job has been keeping me busy while my social/love life has been nothing short of amazing. This is one of those times when you feel truly blessed for the family and friends in your life. I am feeling inspired and spontaneous so here are a few things I want/will be doing the rest of this week.
Tonight I will be making this cake for my best friend B’s birthday:
Peanut Butter Cup Cake
Friday will be his birthday party at the restaurant on the foot of the ski hill here:
This is his birthday card:

I'm getting a haircut with lots of layers and face framing like this:
Saturday I will be headed up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Lake Superior State University for a little Miami University hockey game:
Sunday will be a day of men’s league hockey games and DIY projects like these:

Looks like I will be even busier than before. But I like it. I wouldn’t have it any other way! What do you guys have planned for the rest of week? Are you busy or taking it easy on yourself?

Friday, January 6, 2012

HBO's Hottest & Funniest.

Lately I have been addicted to HBO’s 24/7 hockey series, Flyers vs. Rangers: Road to the Winter Classic. I cannot get enough! It got so bad that in-between episodes I would watch last season’s Penguins vs. Capitals series just to fill the time until next week’s episode would premiere. It is such a phenomenal show due to the fact it illustrates my favorite sport in such a great light and for some crazy reason you really end up lusting loving players whom you should hate! Seems unfair! I am a die-hard Red Wings fan and now I am finding myself cheering for certain {hot} individuals on other teams. Not okay. {My boyfriend is very upset by my betrayal.}
From this show I have become obsessed with New York Ranger's Brian Boyle.

He is very attractive; however, what makes things even better is this clip from their annual Christmas party. I still can’t stop laughing as he yells “SANTA! I KNOW HIM!” Gotta love a little Elf movie moment brought to life:
Hope you have enjoyed this little hockey-related {go figure} post with some great eye candy. How can you not laugh at hot hockey players dressed outrageously. And if you haven't seen this show, definitely give it a go! You will not be disappointed!
Has any of my followers seen this amazing show? Or has fallen in love with "the enemy"? I want to know.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Here we go! Another week of What I'm Loving Wednesday... here's a look into everything that makes me extremely happy:

Listening to Audiobooks at Work.
This is my newest love. I don’t have time to sit with a book anymore since my full-time job leaves little time for relaxation… Thank goodness for Audible. I am currently listening to Keith Richard’s “Life” book which is read by Johnny Deep (yum). This means I have 23 hours of a sexy voice talking about sex, drugs, and rock and roll. I can’t help it, it’s one of my guilty pleasures.

Deals on Everything Christmas.
I always stock up on Christmas decorations and goods after the holiday and put them away for the day I have my own place. This time next year I will be on my own, so I want to be prepared. For years it has been a tradition of mine to at least buy a few ornaments to put away for the future. I could easily fill a tree with my own collection now. So exciting.

The best purchase was the “Kissing Ball.” My family already owned one and it just so happens to be my favorite piece of decoration in our house. It’s so simple yet stunning… so when I found one at Pier One for only $4, I couldn’t check out fast enough. Love it.
My rough & tough hockey fighting boyfriend.
During last night’s game, he got in a little scuffle that I am not going to lie was kind of hot. It’s funny to see him get in fights on the ice because he is hands down the nicest, most gentle boy around. Sorry but if you play dirty, he will get you.

I also love that last night he switched out his old white laces in his skates to the light blue laces I got him in his stocking this Christmas. Now his laces and jersey match perfectly…and bring out his baby blue eyes. So damn cute.

Learned how to drive stick.
On Christmas day, the boy picked me up to go to his house for the holiday except we made a pit stop at our high school’s parking lot. He just opened his door and said, “Okay baby, let’s teach you how to drive stick.” I stalled only twice, but I successfully went from 1st to 2nd then 3rd while driving around the abandoned lot. Check this off the bucket list! I can’t thank the boy enough for his patience and trust that I wouldn’t destroy his car. Its now been 2 weeks of me driving us around town. {Stalling at the top of my driveway every time... Whoops}
Buying tickets to a Miami hockey game.In two weeks, the boy and I will be headed up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to watch my beloved Miami Redhawks take on the Lake Superior State Lakers. We got seats on the glass right next to the Miami bench, so I am sure I will be the WORST date ever as I drool over the boys as they take their shifts on the ice. I have already apologized to the boyfriend for this ahead of time.

Last but definitely  not least...
Still enjoying all of my Christmas presents from the boy.

1.       24/7 Penguins vs. Capitals: Road to the Winter Classic DVD
2.       Jewelry Box
3.       Paris Lotion/Body Set {smells amazing}
4.       OPI Fingernail Polish Galore… I got 10 new colors. #addicted
5.       Corkcicle {keeps your bottle of wine at a perfect temperature. Genius!}
6.       Daisy by Marc Jacobs Perfume
7.       THE BIG PRESENT: Black Diamond Earrings! {Absolutely stunning.}
What are you loving this chilly Wednesday?! I want to know.