Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where Everybody Knows Your Name.

Want and great place to spend a Friday or Saturday evening? This is the place - Noggin Room Pub! It is in the basement level of the Perry Stafford Hotel which is a beautiful old hotel overlooking Little Traverse Bay in downtown Petoskey. 
It's a great place to go for drinks and complimentary popcorn and if you happen to be there when Sean Ryan entertains, all the better. You can sing along if you wish, or just sit back and enjoy all the music. He is the father of my best friend since kindergarden, so my song requests are never ignored. {a huge plus for this music fan.}
But after a lonnnng semester in Ohio, its so nice to be back up north and hitting up my old stomping grounds. My first stop down memory lane had to be here at the Noggin Room. There are WAY too many reasons why I love this place and it certainly deserves a blog post. As you walk down a set of stairs from downtown Petoskey, you enter a bar that has walls and a ceiling lined with beer mugs. Each mug is engraved with a saying and a number according to the location of where its hung. Now every local or summertime visitor usually has to have one... The only way to receive a personalized mug is to complete a beer list consisting of 55 beers from around the country. Once the list is completed and the beers are consumed. They will get a mug engraved for you and it will hang forever on the wall. From that moment on, when you walk into the bar you just grab your mug off the wall, give it to the bartender, it is then rinsed then filled with whatever beer you wish for a GREAT discount. Here's pictures of the beautiful bar:
Not to mention.... you receive a huge basket of perfectly popped popcorn. Easily, one of the best combinations out there is beer and popcorn. Even better when there's a Detroit Red Wings or Tigers game playing.... LIKE TONIGHT! This is the place where I will be sitting with my friend, Jordan, watching Game 6 of the series between Red Wings vs. Sharks. I can't wait until puck drop... I am already nervous.
To see the additional inspiration behind this blog post is the Cheers television theme song. I haven't figured out if everyone should have a bar that knows their name, but this song is helping me cope with the fact that I enjoy that the staff knows how great of a customer I am :)
Petoskey is one very charming town and if you haven't experienced it's warmth you should... and definitely stop in on the Noggin Room. You won't be disappointed.

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