Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Antique Copper with Nile Sand Accents.

I honestly don't think I will ever get tired of saying it, but don't you just love good friends? Lately, I have been in a depression and it was about time that I was no longer the one getting taken care of and instead I wanted to help others. So when I received a phone call from my friend, Jordan {J}, I didn't even think twice to help.
J: "Sarah? I am at Home Depot right now and I need your artistic opinion. Can I come pick you up so you can help me pick an exterior house paint?''
S: "Yeah no problem. But I thought Scotty was with you."
J: "Ohh he is, but he JUST decided to tell me that he's color-blind. He honestly can't tell the difference between any of these colors."

So a few minutes later, we were driving back to compare and contrast different colors of brown. Poor Scotty was made fun of the entire evening, but he'd get himself into it. For example, Jordan and I decided to put 3 paint chips together in order to see what the color would look like on a larger scale. As we are standing back from it discussing, Scotty walks up from a side aisle, stops and says "Ohh, I really like the one in the middle." Jordan and I automatically start laughing and telling him that they are all the same color as he walked away defeated. Jordan finally decided on {1.}Antique Copper as his exterior paint with {2}Nile Sand as his accent color for the shutters.
Since we are not heartless people, we decided to take Scotty to dinner as an apology. Then finished the night off with Kilwin's ice cream in its new location near my house. Ahh, cappuccino chocolate chip ice cream... there isn't anything better than that.
I love telling everyone else at work that we are currently painting Jordan's house Antique Copper with Nile Sand Accents, and he always rolls his eyes saying "you are making it sound so much fancier than it really is." I even used Behr's website to see a demo of what the color would look like on an example house. It turned out just how Jordan and I envisioned it. His house is a ski chalet located near one of northern Michigan's famous ski hills, Boyne Highlands, so the color needs to be neutral and earthy to complement its gorgeous surroundings. Ohh, did I mention that the color of the house now is.... light blue with red {now hot pink because its so faded} shutters. Its horrible, so anything would make it look a thousand times better. Ahh, I am SO ready to get out of work and start this project, but be expecting many more posts about this endeavor because it has taken over my life!

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