Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reliving the Weekend.

Due to the fact that I seriously lacked at blogging this weekend, I thought I would update ya’ll on my life. Friday ended up being a paint night at Jordan’s after work. We still had to tackle the white trim on all the windows and doors. Once it got dark and we had to retire the paintbrushes, I left his house too worn out to go out or be social. But once home, I put in a movie and changed my nail polish color to OPI’s Suzi Loves Cowboys from the Texas line. It’s a deep brown, which is a color I normally wear during the winter months, so I figured I would lighten it up. Lately, I have been seeing a trend on celebrities' manicures of painting only your ring finger a different color. So I figured I would give it a go. So now one finger on each hand has been graced with the gorgeous Turquoise and Chinos color from Essie. It’s taken awhile to get used too it, but I have been receiving compliments. Yay!
Saturday night, I went on a dinner date with a pretty charming guy. He took me to Slopeside Lounge located inside the Boyne Highlands Ski Resort.  This restaurant had a cabin vibe throughout it with its dark lighting. It seemed totally appropiate since the dining room sits at the base of the ski hills and the views are excellent. Another detail that made me smile was we were seated in low tables and chairs. {Seen below} Well when it came to the eating dinner part of the date, I was pretty much eye level with the food on the table since I am so short. We quickly laughed about it and made light of what would have been a semi-awkward situation. But overall I loved the comfortable lodge-feeling which seemed to sooth the first date gitters.  
Sunday morning was rough. After a night spent out on the date which carried over in the morning hours at the casino and their nightclubs dancefloor, I had to wake up 4 hours later. Once up, I had to hit the road to travel down to Central Michigan University. {It’s about a 2 and a half hour drive.} My brother was enrolled into a football camp and since I am obsessed with him, I thought it was only appropriate to tag along. Thank goodness, I did because it was the most exciting part of my weekend. I got to sit on the sidelines taking pictures while he was timed and doing different drills. Plus after the 4 hours, he came walking off the college's football field smiling bigger than I have ever seen him. He loved every second of it. 
So I have been a very busy girl… Now I am at work doing a 10 hour day and I am exhausted. All I wanna do is sit on my front porch overlooking Lake Michigan and finish my Tim Tebow book. Is that so much to ask? Haha.

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