Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My December in Pictures.

It's officially the week of Christmas... where did time go? This month had sooo much in store and although I feel like I am missing out or forgetting something, in reality its been going pretty smoothly and on track. That's probably why... things are just too perfect. So here's a few pictures of what I have been up to lately.

I have already attended my work Christmas party... such a good time!
Me & the Boy
The "Family Portrait" with Jordan added in.
My parents.
Tonight is the last men's league hockey game before Christmas break... hockey will resume again the second week of January. Hopefully my hockey withdrawal won't be too depressing. Good thing I am plan on still hanging out with these boys over the holiday:

Best friend, B {in the blue}
Now its onto conquering the rest of my Christmas list... I have a ton of DIY projects to complete for a few of my love ones, so be looking forward to those posts. My favorite thing in the world... homemade personalized gifts! In the meantime, I can't believe I am saying this but... I want snow. Last Saturday it looked like this downtown:

now the snow is gone. So sad. I need snow to feel festive so it can start snowing again!

So how is everyone's December going? Fast or slow? Busy or ideal? I want to know!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Things I Loved From Yesterday

Thursday did not disappoint in regards to excitement in my life. To start off I woke up ungodly early in the morning to get my last final over with. I was literally drained and barely thinking straight once I was walking to my car in the parking lot when I see a brown bag on my car hood leaning against my windshield… It turns out my boyfriend left a bottle of fake champagne {sparking white grape juice} so I could have a “celebratory drink” afterwards. How stinkin’ adorable?
So when I walked into work, bottle in hand, I felt like I needed a little down time, so I went on my beloved website, Pinterest, just so I could stare at all the pretty pictures and not think about anything! {You know you have done this before.} That was when I found a Tim Tebow Desktop Figure. I made myself wait until my lunch break to print it out and start assembling the pieces. Honestly, it felt like I was six years old again and playing with paper dolls. So exciting!
So thanks to an energy drink and my crazy coworkers we had a little photo shoot for my new Tebow figurine...
"Yay Sarah being done with finals!"
After attending my boyfriend’s hockey game last night we hit the bar to drown our sorrows {they lost} and out of nowhere, the boy says:
“Babe… I love Tim Tebow.
Like really, just watched his documentary and I am obsessed. I think I want a Tebow jersey.”
Okay he may have been a little tipsy when saying all of this, but I am going to hold him to it! Like I always say, “a drunken man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts.” If only I hadn’t purchased his Christmas present already, I probably would have given MUCHHH thought into finding one for him.
To end the night I finally get into my PJ’s at 1:30 am and curl up in bed to see I missed a phone call from the boy. He left me the cutest message:
“Babe, it’s me. I just wanna tell you how much I appreciate you coming to my game and being such a great fan, my support, and even sticking up for me in the lobby. And thank you for being there all the time… I really appreciate it. I also appreciate every day with you and I just wanted to tell you sweet dreams and goodnight, love. So text me when you get a chance. Mwah!” {Yes it does send me kisses over the phone…}

Sounds like a pretty good day, huh? Who else celebrated being done with finals in a WEIRD way!?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Early Christmas Present? Yes Please.

So this morning I arrived at work to see a present sitting on my desk… an interesting looking present, to say the least.
Yes that is tape being wrapped around the paper in order to keep it attached while the bow is made up of leftover tape. This is the work done by my best guy friend, B. The card is the cutest and means more to me than what’s under the wrapping paper {or so I thought!} and it says:

"To: Rah
For all your time and dedication, hopefully this makes it more enjoyable! Merry Christmas!

Love ya, Brandon"

He told me I had to open it today since I will be needing it the next few days. So here’s my beautiful/thoughtful gift...

Stadium chair for the ice rink!
While I am checking it out and laughing saying “thank you” he is pointing out its bells and whistles saying “here’s where you can put your Diet Coke or beer… here’s where you can store your Crossword Puzzles from People Magazine or even your homework.” He seriously thought of everything!
Tonight, I am going to be at the ice rink for hours {literally hours} to watch my boyfriend be a goalie in one game then a defensemen in the next. Looks like I will be putting this contraption to work! The best part is how practical of a gift it is, as well as how in the locker room last night my boyfriend kept telling B, "dude, stop rubbing it in how perfect your gift is for her... you are making me look bad because I haven't gotten her anything yet." Haha let the pressure of gift-buying begin!
Just when I think hockey couldn't get any better... now with some back support and cushion between the metal bleachers, it has!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Work Attire... Help!

So it’s officially finals week… tomorrow I will be conquering my first exam and hopefully kicking its butt. In the back of my mind though is the fact that next week starts my first day of being a full-time engineer at work. I graduate from being a jean-wearing intern to a smartly-dressed engineer {seems ironic huh?} After hitting the books this week, I plan on hitting up a few stores in town for a few pieces to celebrate being a “real person.” Shopping spree after completing the semester? Seems like the only way to rejoice.
Thanks to Pinterest, I have a few “work office attire” inspiration to work off of:

 Living in Northern Michigan... this is the way to go!
Its extremely important to learn how to ROCK FLANNEL while living in this winter tundra for the next few months.
So does anyone have a few office attire tips for me? What is your go-to outfit of choice? How do you dress nice but feel comfortable. Help me out.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Guy's Weekend...Yikes.

The next few days should be pretty eventful… this will mark the first time the boy and I will not be spending the weekend together. I knew I wouldn’t be seeing him on Saturday since he’s heading downstate for a “Guy’s Night” to watch the University of Michigan basketball team play. But now it turns out I will be headed downstate as well… except to the other side of the state. Haha! I am going to my brother’s high school basketball tonight, then as soon as he wins {positive thinking}, we will jump in the car and start heading south towards Grand Valley State University. {He is getting looked at for football recruitment.} So my weekend will be full of football talk, college tours, and TONS of Christmas shopping in Grand Rapids, while the boyfriend is free to have a “Guy’s Weekend.”
So while this is going on:
I will be doing this:
And we will be seperated like this:
It will be good to have some time apart and he can see the boys without me interrupting. He’s the kind of person who will call me up and say “come over to ____’s house, we are watching the game” then when I show up its all guys. I can’t help but feel I am crashing. So instead of sticking around town, I am going to make him miss me. Good plan, huh?!
I mean come on, abstinence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Best Sister Award Goes To...

My sister sent me a text message earlier today that immediately made me cry of happiness. To give a little background, I sat down with my boss yesterday to discuss "my future." I have known for awhile that they were hoping to grab me as one of their engineers once I got done with college only because I have been their loyal intern since my freshman year at Miami. But when I walked into his office, I wasn't expecting to hear such good news. I got to hear their pitch on why I should choose to start my career at their company. It was veryyy impressive and I was touched with how dedicated they were to making me happy.

Just when I think my week can't get any better, my news {thanks to Twitter}traveled up to the Upper Penisula of Michigan to my little sister at college. Here's her take on my situation:

Over all, I cannot wait until she is home so we can celebrate properly! Honestly the job and having an amazing sister/family is the best Christmas present I will ever recieve!

Update: now the boyfriend is making me cry too...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas List Time!

Today I am linking up with Amber & Neely's Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge by posting my Christmas list!

Tis the season.

Hopefully this will also help out the boyfriend since he's headed downstate to a University of Michigan basketball game this weekend. I overheard him last night talking to the boys about hitting up the mall in Ann Arbor before the game to pick up "her Christmas presents." Since I was the only girl at the house last night, looks like he's talking about my presents! Guess we will have to wait and see.

So here is the dream list:
1. Marc Jacob's handbag
2. Kate Spade ring
3. OPI Nailpolish {best stocking stuffer ever}
4. Abercrombie Jeans {only brand that fits me perfectly}
5. Tom's shoes
5. Kate Spand Bangle
6. Black/Blue Blazer
7. 24/7 Penguins vs Capitals Season
8. "Every day is a great day for hockey" bracelet

What are you guys asking for? Make sure to link up your Christmas lists too, so I can scope them out.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Giving Is Better Than Receiving...

Since everyone on my Christmas list has a present literally under the tree for them right now, I find myself looking at my bank account and thinking… “maybe a few more gifts would do.” Pretty crazy, huh? But this commercial pretty much sums up how I have been acting/feeling lately about being done with Christmas shopping:
It was has been about 2 years since I have had a boyfriend during the Christmas season, so I have this obsession to buy the boy everything. Here’s a list of things I know he’d love:
1. Underarmour Hockey Compression Shirt
2. Always Sunny in Philadephia Season 3
3. Red Wings Coozie
4. Oakley Aviator Hockey Shield Visor
5. Miami Hockey Tee {This is my favorite team and alma mater so of course he will be repping this on game days!}
6. Black Polo Sweater

The only thing I'm not completely done with is his stocking. So if anyone has any fun things for a guy's stocking please let me know. Both funny and serious gift ideas are welcome! I am out of practice in this part of gift-giving :) 

Happy shopping, loves.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy December.

I cannot believe it’s finally December!
Cheers to gallons cups of egg nog, the smell of pine, and many wrapped presents. Ahh, I love this month and to celebrate properly, I did a little project last night. We bought a wreath a week ago when we picked up our Christmas tree and it looked sooo boring. Kind of depressing actually… So I decided to jazz it up with some gold accents and a new bow ornament that I picked up at Pier One.

Nothing like a little wreath to liven up the house and our spirits, right? What do you guys think? Any little projects you are creating to bring some Christmas cheer?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Wait is Over... Finally!

So last night I finally got to see Breaking Dawn! I know you guys will be thinking "Wow, about time. I saw it weeks ago." But honestly I think the world was against me seeing this movie. Everytime I made plans to see it, something would get in the way. Like it was sold out the first time, we were late getting there the second time, and plus boyfriend's hockey games ALWAYS happen on or around the showtimes. So before he had to play goalie last night, we got to see the 7 o'clock showing of it!
Obsessed! So hot.
I loved it! For the first hour I was swooning over the wedding and honeymoon, but in my head I was thinking "Ohh poor boy who I dragged along." But as soon as the story started developing and the vampire vs. werewolf feud started going, he leaned in and whispered, "Here we go... now things are starting to get intense!" YES! All it took was that sentence I started to enjoy the movie more knowing that he wasn't rolling his eyes every few seconds at those always romantic Twilight lines.
But tradition is tradition.
We saw New Moon and Eclipse together {we weren't dating at the time} so I figure we have to finish out the series now that we are together. Makes sense, right?

So did you guys love the movie as much as I did? Of course I had to avoid all blog posts which mentioned the movie since I didn't want to be spoiled at all... so if you did a little post about them please post it in the comments. I want to read up on all that I missed. Where are my Twilight fans out there!?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tis the season for…

...Work Christmas Parties!

I am obsessed with my engineering firm’s Christmas parties because they never seem to disappoint. Mainly because the party always end up at a local club on the dance floor… so it’s a win-win. This year my boyfriend will my lovely date and I cannot wait for him to meet/greet all of the people who I work with 50 hours a week. So of course in preparation for the big day, I put together a list of what I will be wearing this year. And for those who read my blog, you know my purchase of gold heels a week or so ago, which meant I planned the dress around the shoes. Typical girl, huh?!

1.       BCBG Dress
2.       Color So Hot It Berns – OPI Polish
Bring on the Bling (I always paint my ring finger different)
3.       Chico’s Ring
4.       Brash Gold Heels
5.       Braided Updo

Tell me what you think. I need pointers from my fashion-savvy blog friends out there!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap-Up

Well I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving break… mine was pretty great! I was computer-less for the entire weekend just enjoying the company of my sister {home from college}, family, friends, and the boy. Seriously can’t say enough of how blessed I am. Here’s just a few highlights:
1. Christmas Tree Shopping… yes, we bought the best tree in the lot. I am obsessed with it, the only downfall is I haven’t gotten it decorated yet. So be expecting more pictures on that this week.
2. My brother is now being stopped to sign autographs… yeah, I don’t understand it but this small town thinks he will be something big someday. Let’s hope so!
3. Black Friday @ Walmart… I went crazy. I think most people on my list this year will get a present from me which is accompanied with a DVD. Sorry but I can’t resist getting a movie for $1.96, okay people?
4. Last night I wore a dress to the hockey rink for the first time in my life. About a month ago, in a buzzed {drunken} conversation, I agreed to attending one of the boys’ games all dolled up and then going to a dinner afterwards. Yeah… so needless to say, I put the dress on, sat through the best hockey game of all time, and surprisingly stayed warm. To make things even better the boyfriend scored the winning goal to make it a 5-4 final. Once the game ended, we kissed our boys goodbye and headed to the bar while waiting for the boys to get showered and redressed. Little did we know that they called each other during the day and decided to get dressed up too. So it seriously looked like prom night at the restaurant when the boys strolled in wearing dress shirts. Stinkin’ adorable! {They also credit the dresses to them winning the game… but we didn’t take the bait. Once is enough!}
If only we looked this gorgeous while cheering for the boys. I'd like to think we were the brunette version of Taylor, Kellie, and Carrie. {yeah right!}
I plan on making a few of these for the girlfriends of the boys on the team. My little DIY project for the week:
5. Last but certainly not least… My beloved Miami Redhawks won the Denver Cup this past weekend! Love & Honor. I couldn’t be happier that the team is now pulling together to start a winning streak that will hopefully continue into the last half of the season.

So cheers to winning hockey teams and a successful Thanksgiving. I cannot wait to jump into the Christmas holiday now. Thanks to Black Friday, I can start wrapping presents once I get my tree decorated first!

How was everyone's holiday? I want to know all about it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday.

More ideas how to wrap my gifts this year... Love!
This will be how my first apartment out of college will be decorated. Done deal.
Already looking into fabric to make this possible for New Year's Party this year. {Maybe even Christmas too!}
 ...So True!

What are you loving on Pinterest? I need to start following more of my blogging friends, so let me know where I can find your boards/pins. As for me... see more of what I love here.

Happy Pinning, loves!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gotta Get Down on Friday...

I know Thanksgiving is around the corner and I should only be thinking about how lucky I am to have the family and friends that I do, but since my holiday is already prepared and ready to go on Thursday I turned my attention to Friday… Black Friday!
It is honestly one of my favorite days of the year. For one day I take in the mass chaos and can’t help but love it. Yeah, I am that crazy person who is has a face of determination to get what I want/need while stopping every few seconds to laugh out loud. Here’s why it has become my obsession…
Last year was the first time I did the whole “Walmart at midnight” thing. My family was just sitting around Thursday night with nothing to do, so we thought lets go watch the crazies run around for deals. So my mom, sister, and I got in the car and headed up there around 9 pm. Since the mass opening of “the deals” was in a few hours we just walked around and I found myself saying “Woah, True Blood season for $8… I want that” then “Madden 11 for $10… my brother would love that.” So then I got my game face on and started positioning family members so they were within striking distance of grabbing the deals.
All of sudden the countdown was going and the workers were tearing the wrap off the displays… It was a whirlwind and before I knew it I looked down to see I had everything I needed to get. So I started walking to meet up with my mom and sister. Within seconds I found my mom but no sister… About a half an hour later I found my sister sitting in an abandoned aisle all by herself shaking with fear.  I couldn’t help but laugh and she just looks at me and says “SCARIEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!” Then from her side she holds up the things I told her to grab. I was so proud of her but honestly it is still one of my favorite stories to tell… This year she promises to dominate and not hide out.
So here's the game plan... I call it "Divide & Conquer."
My favorite section... movies! I am a movie junkie and not to mention these make for great stocking stuffers. I plan on getting Water for Elephants and Bridesmaids for sure! Good thing the boyfriend watches more movies than I do, so a few of the $1.96 movies won't break the bank.
I still have a few more days of conditioning like this...

So everyone watch out in northern Michigan... I will totally be that girl who once its all said and done is in the parking lot doing a victory dance.
Anyone else out in my blogging world who will be tackling the crowds and up for Black Friday challenge?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hockey + Christmas

I love mornings when you happen to be scrolling through YouTube videos and you stumbled upon something that makes you soo happy. Well today I decided to try typing in hockey + Christmas, and this equation gave me an Irish Hockey team singing Mariah's classic tune of All I Want for Christmas.

Hope you guys enjoy it... how can you not like hockey players singing and dancing around? Gets you in the holiday mood!

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Friday... I'm in Love.

After working a half day at work yesterday I decided to start rounding up a few things for the Christmas season that is fast approaching. I picked up some feathers, wrapping paper, and ribbon so I can decorate my presents like this:
Started working on a few little DIY presents for my family and friends. I have a best friend that is obsessed with scarfs, so why not personalize one with a few of our favorite quotes. Something said by Marilyn Monroe or maybe a line from the famous hockey speech in Miracle should work. Haven’t quite decided but thanks to Pinterest this is a perfect present.
This mug makes me laugh so hard, especially since my little sister is obsessed with mustaches. She is that person who takes strands of her hair and holds it under her nose and talks in an accent. Yeah, she is weird. So why not make this mug for her morning coffee? If it turns out I may make a few extra.
It was a good night for sports last night! Boyfriend won his hockey game in a shootout and he scored the winning goal. I was very proud… Also my other boyfriend, Tim Tebow, beat the Jets last night. Love love love. {Its okay that I have two boyfriends right?}
Another love of mine is Christina Perri’s “Thousand Years.” This song has been on repeat ever since it became a single on my iPod. It's truly amazing. I love that it is for Twilight… although I am not a huge Twilight fan, I really enjoyed the books and movies and cannot wait to see the movie later this weekend once all the die-hards have seen it. Haha. I would say “poor boyfriend that he has to be dragged along to watch Breaking Dawn with me” but one of our first dates was to New Moon forever ago, so it’s kind of tradition that we see the rest together. Cute, huh?
Lastly, I am loving my new red-bowed-leopard flats... Adding a little flare to the engineering office today.
What are you guys loving this fantastic Friday? I wanna know.