Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Exploring Petoskey in the Summer.

Doesn’t it really irk you when certain people are good at everything? Like no matter what they touch or try they can do it flawlessly? Yeah, well one of those people happens to be my younger brother, Joe. He plays three varsity sports and still has time to pick up a new hobby… this summer his obsession is long-boarding. Our cousins kind of sucked him into it and have been getting together to make movies and take pictures of their long boarding adventures.

I was pleasantly surprised when Joe showed me the completed video which was really done well… Thought I would share with my followers. If anything just watch the video to see the beautiful city in which I live! I think I may start long boarding more often so I can go down these trails and actually appreciate it. But at the 2:30 mark, our street, house, and my red convertible makes an appearance. :)
My brother is the brunette wearing the white shorts and tall socks {love that description of him} throughout the video… and the other two are my cousins {the blonds}. Enjoy!

So my sisterly duty is done by putting it on my blog!

Anyone else out there long board or do something relaxing outdoors to take in the scenery? Any new hobbies for the summer months? 

Friday, August 19, 2011

When 2 Amazing Things Collide...

Don’t you just love it when two of your favorite things collide in order to make you extremely happy? I have been obsessed with the Pinterest website and all it has to offer, but for some reason I JUST thought, ohh I am going to type “hockey” into the search box. I swear I started hearing angels singing while the images loaded. I was in heaven! So thank you to this wonderful website, I have gathered even bigger ideas to make my future house as hockey-friendly as ever.

Sidenote: I am a huge hockey fan. My friends make fun of me because I am already planning on having 5 boys so I can host my own team. {one of their friends will be the goalie because I don’t think I could handle that much stress!} But since those dreams are pretty crazy… One thing I know for sure is hockey will be incorporated into my design and decoration of my future home.

First image is one of my favorites. I know every guy dreams of having a “man cave” but honestly, I want a hockey cave. I need a space to hang my MIAMI HOCKEY paraphernalia and Red Wings collectibles, while amazing seats {with a bar} for watching all the big games. This basement has everything I want! Especially the bubble hockey machine because I am currently on a search for one…  I am thinking about buying an older one so I can redo and revamp the machine.
Love the use of a hockey formation white board or air hockey table to be used above a desk. Don’t know why I never thought of this before.
I have already started making this hockey bench. It will probably take a while to complete since I add a stick to it every few months. {I am wayyy to cheap to buy sticks just for the project’s sake.}
I kind of wish I saw this project before starting the bench. It’s a cutting board made solely out of hockey sticks. Man, people out there are so creative.
Now onto my future *hockey playing* kids… {That sounds creepy, huh?}
I am going to learn how to sew just so I can make this quilt someday. This woman is so talented. But its something you can give your kid and he will keep it forever.
For the summer months: Hockey Slip & Slide
For the winter months: Backyard Rink  
Cannot wait until this hits bookstores {or probably just Amazon} in May of next year. I think the cover pays for the book itself. I have no idea what it is about but I plan on buying myself a copy as well some for my two best friends.
I know football season is basically here and don't get me wrong I am stoked about it... but hockey will forever have my heart and dedication. Thank you Pinterest for putting my obsession kind of over the edge.

Anyone else lives getting affected by Pinterest and its greatness?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

'Your Daily Jewels' Shoutout

For today's post I wanted to blog about an insanely talented jewelry designer, Norah Downey, creator of Your Daily Jewels.

About a few weeks ago I won a giveaway! {This is a huge deal because seriously I never win anything – I don't win raffle sales or on lottery tickets! Haha} The giveaway was hosted by Kirby and Alexa over at The Short and the Sweet of It during their Hump Day Giveaways feature. I ended up receiving the package in the mail last week and it literally had me feeling like it was Christmas. Upon opening the envelope and its cute little box, I saw a beautiful set of earrings. They were the fuchsia crackle quartz in Bali silver earrings that I have seen in her Etsy store. My mouth literally dropped open when I saw how gorgeous they were and instantly put them on.
Of course, then I noticed how it was wrapped and the personal message written on a card made it even more special.
I couldn’t be happier with my new addition to my jewelry collection. Thank you so much, Norah and the girls at The Short and the Sweet of It, you made me one happy girl!

Of course, soon after I was back on her Etsy store looking at other pieces I want to purchase soon:
Necklace, Line Pendant of Baby Blue Chalcedony Pebbles
Peridot Necklace, Pendant with Swarovski in Peridot - Olivine and Rich Golden Accents- August Birthstone
Gemstone Earrings, Green Amethyst, Sapphire, and Citrine Semi-precious Stones. Summer Bouquet
Definitely go check her store out- she makes stunning jewelry!

Update: Look below for the comment by Norah. She is offering a coupon of 15% off her jewelry. Okay girls, start shopping!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday! {4}

It’s my favorite time of the blogging week… I get to talk about what I love on this beautiful Wednesday. I am linking up with Jamie so I can share my obsessions and hopefully discover a few new ones as well. Here we go!
1.     Loving the color 'light blue.'
Currently rocking OPI’s “I Vant To Be A-Lone Star” nail polish from their Texas line on my hands and my blue-plaid Sperry’s on my feet.
2.     Good movies
Something Borrowed came out on DVD yesterday and since I work forever long, I sent my brother out to pick up a copy at Family Video {my biggest fear was they would run out of copies before I got there} I literally cannot wait any longer. When it came out in theatres, I had purchased the book but didn’t finish it, so I thought I would take my time to get through it then see the movie later. Now is later! So worth the wait. I was literally laughing and saying "awwww" outloud. The book was WAY better, but the movie held up in my opinion.
3.     Bad movies
I went on a date this weekend and for some crazy reason I choose the movie “Cowboys and Aliens.” Looking back on it now, I have no idea why I did other than I have been obsessed with zombies lately and like sci-fi stuff. {No correlation really but it makes sense to me.} Ohh well, the date was perfect regardless. We were the only ones in the theatre {first sign not to pick this movie} and we picked apart the story line and characters the entire time. You know when you have that night when you say good one-liners and they just keep coming out of your mouth one right after the other? That was me on this date… and he thinks I am funny so that’s a win-win. {The boy is a keeper. There have been many dates after our poor movie choice date.}
4.   You and I – Lady Gaga
I love this women. I think it’s because every song she writes makes incredible music for me to choreograph. I love getting really creative with her songs… She is so unique that it makes okay to think out of the box. She tweeted her new music video for “You and I” yesterday and since it was my favorite track of the album, I wanted an insane video. That’s exactly what I got… Gaga as a man and a mermaid? Pretty great stuff. Check it out!

5.   Drinks with girlfriends Last night was $2 Tuesday at one of our favorite restaurants, City Park Grill. I met up with the girlfriends and drank a few Summer Shandy’s for cheap. Nothing like cheap drinks and great conversations!
6.   Bachelor Pad 2 It’s a guilty pleasure but sooooo worth it. Last episode made me cry and trust me I never have gotten that emotional during any of those reality shows. **SPOILER** but honestly once Ames runs to the limo after Jackie, I look up at The Boy for a second and he looks down at me and admitted “Okay that is sweet. He really loves her.” So while I got emotional he just kept saying “Wow, alright man!” I was already hooked before that, but now I will keep watching for sure!
7. Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in Coral Shimmer 120
I swear by this lipstick. I have always been the girl who needs a layer of Carmex on my lips all the time, but this has easily topped/replaced that. The color is beautiful and I love how moistening it feels because it doesn’t have the usual dry-lipstick feeling. It applies just like a balm and has been my go-to color for the summer months.

8. Vacation away from work.
Lately, I have felt a little burned out from work- the long hours and days on end devoted to engineering jobs so I am taking a little break from it. Sleep in a few days and spend some time sorting my life out. My boss is amazing and letting me take this time for myself. Should be nice to have a change of pace!

9. Starting a whole new diet and exercise routine.
I went with my best friend earlier this week to sign up for a gym membership that includes Zumba classes. I am still going to go on my long distance runs by the water but I figured I needed a little gym time in my life. K will be a big help and motivator for me as well, so I am looking forward to getting into it hardcore!  
10. This weather!
As everyone complains about the heat, I am loving it! I want more of it…. Nothing is better than getting out of work, putting the top down on my convertible and driving home along the shore of Lake Michigan. I am excited for fall but I am going to enjoy the last days of hotness. I am going to miss it once the snow starts falling {yikes!}

So what are you loving this Wednesday? Any favorites?!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Get By With a Little Help From My Friends.

Ahh, I love my girlfriends. I am seriously obsessed with these girls and they are making life at home so enjoyable. Nothing like knowing that at a drop of a hat anyone of these girls would be game for a venting session or just go to happy hour. There's nothing better. Like this weekend, we went to our friend Grant’s house and somehow a little photo op happened. Starting with my favorite picture of the night, which I want an 8” X 10” made and framed ASAP. So freakin’ precious, but also the scariest way to have a picture taken since the ledge was really high.
These next few pictures still make me laugh. Who else would want to be friends with us? Kind of ridiculous.
I love nights like this, when all you need are a few drinks, a great photographer, and crazy girlfriends. Cheers to many more nights like this one! Anyone else got friends that seem to make everything better?!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Monday.

One of the few good things that happen on Monday is when some of my favorite bloggers dedicate a blog post to the music they are loving/obsessing over this week. This means I get to plug in my headphones and listen to new songs to help me get through a 10 hour work day of making airplane part blueprints {and look like idiot jamming out at my desk.}
So in turn, I thought I would post the song that has been on repeat lately...
Springsteen By: Eric Church
I love how he paints this amazing picture of a first love – What's scary is how much I can relate to the lyrics. Ohh to be 17 again... things were much easier than now at 23. But the words ring clear to me more than ever.
“If I whispered your name I bet there’d still be a spark.”
“Funny how a melody sounds like a memory
Like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night. Springsteen.”
So good! I haven’t always been a country fan, however, this summer has been full of it. I think it’s because my bucket list is making me more outdoorsy… and what makes being outside even better? Country music. Thought I would share this favorite of mine. Hope you like it and Happy Music Monday!  

Kabobs & Kitchen Karaoke.

Check off the “make kabobs for dinner” off my summer bucket list!
You know when you make plans to do something then put it off? Well this was one item my friends and I have been talking about but we actually made it happen. This weekend I met up with the boy and our best friend at a local market to pick up the kabob ingredients and adult beverages to get the ball rolling on our dinner plans. We went back to their house where the chicken was marinating and I started cutting up the vegetables.

Jordan and I are so anal about things that we even had to discuss what the proper order of the kabobs would be over a drink. Scotty just shook his head at us as we debated it. So the final conclusion was mushroom, green or red pepper, chicken, onion, and repeat. They turned out looking amazing.
The only downfall was it was raining during the day, so poor Scotty had to man the grill all by his lonesome while we stayed dry in the kitchen making red skinned potatoes and corn on the cob.
While busting out lyrics & dancing to Eric Church’s new album, Chief, as it played throughout the house, it was one of the best days this summer. Bad weather wasn’t going to bring down my favorite dinner or me singing into my beer bottle. Once we sat down at the dining room table {like a little family} I couldn’t stop thanking the boys for making my bucket list item come true. We ended up staying awake until 4:30 in the morning just talking and joking around. I woke up the next morning still full and very contempt. I really love this summer!
Anyone else using the grill this summer to make summer inspired dinners? I need ideas of other dinners to make with these two... I will over at that house more and more now, so help a girl out!

Friday, August 12, 2011

August Birchbox Reveal

Yesterday was a long and stressful day at work, so I called my mom to meet me for happy hour on my way home. She arrived and instantly I felt much better, but when she handed me my Birchbox package for this month I was ecstatic. My mom just laughed and said “Yeah, it arrived this afternoon and I figured you would need a pick me up.” She couldn’t have been more right. We looked pretty ridiculous as I ripped open the box {literally while sitting at the bar} and started looking/reading about my goods.
So here is a break down of my goods for this month:
1.       blinc Mascara  
2.       Kate Spade Twirl Perfume Sample
3.       Twistband Hair Tie
4.       Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
5.       Befine Night Cream

I honestly couldn’t be happier. For only $10, I got my day brightened, samples of good cosmetics, and got to try them all this morning. Seriously, I am so geeked by this box that I am actually wearing the hair tie {which doesn’t leave a line/bump in your hair}, mascara {so creamy and looks amazing}, and smell like Twirl. Yeah, this little box was just what I needed to get out of a root on Thursday… well I bet the few drinks during happy hour totally helped too!

So for those out there who haven't signed up, do it! {Let me know and I'll give you my referral card.}Its like Christmas once a month. You have no idea what you will get! Anyone else get their Birchbox? Happy with it? Anything different?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

DIY: Storage Bin Bench

After getting home from work yesterday, the weather definitely cleared up and all that was left from the rainy day was a wavy Lake Michigan. So I took a picture of my beautiful front yard before getting serious and knocking items off my to-do list.
Background/Recap Story:
So I bought a wooden storage bin for $1 at a thrift store and a few days ago, I stripped it down and painted it white. {Wish I would have taken a before picture while it was brown... but ohh well.} While it was drying, I got thinking about a lid for it… So boom, I knew I had to make a bench seat. I added braces into each corner of the bin to support the weight and got a board cut down to size to fit the opening. In the meantime, I asked my beloved followers which fabric to use and was ready to head to the fabric store to pick up the winning material… That was until my mom walked into my room yesterday and said “I got you some fabric for your bench. I thought the design and color was so you!” So needless to say, my mom altered the design a bit. But honestly I couldn’t be happier since whenever I look at it, I will forever think of her picking it out to surprise me. It’s really sweet!
1. Cut down foam to the dimensions of the opening of the bin.
2. Use spray adhesive to glue foam to wood 
3. Tightly wrap the fabric around the foam {kind of like wrapping a birthday present}
4. Use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the wood base
5. Put the bench seat into the opening onto the braces
I want to make a throw pillow for the bench to give it some extra height, but honestly I couldn't be happier. Right now it matches our kitchen perfectly... especially with the yellow fabric and bead board, so that is its home at the moment. I am hoping to incorporate it into our back porch once that space is completed.

I checked a lot of items off my to-do list last night! So expect more DIY projects the next few days. I am kickin' butt and taking names. Honestly, there is nothing better than standing back from a project and thinking "ahhh, I did that all by myself!"

Now I am brainstorming ideas to make storage compartments or dividers into the bin. Yeah, I am that anal and need things to be organized. But for now, I say its good enough to move onto the bigger things on my list.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rainy Yet Productive Day?

You guys {my followers} are amazing! Thank you so much for the help on this post. It definitely helped me make a decision to buy... drum roll please... the green and white fabric. Go figure, it was pretty much a landslide. So after my 10-hour work day today I will be making the big purchase and hopefully getting this bench seat done!  

To be honest, I’ve never been so happy to wake up and see rain.
It is absolutely pouring down rain right now and as I sit at work my head is reeling with things I would rather be doing. The weather has been so hot lately that it has made it nearly impossible to motivate me to do anything that involves breaking a sweat. So since this weather is going to continue for the rest of the day, I pulled out this checklist I made about a week ago and I am going to see how much I can accomplish from it tonight:
-Do the final coat of primer on the bathroom walls
-Paint ceiling and windows white
-Buy paint from Home Depot/Sherwin Williams for walls
-Paint walls
-Strip down the old window frame to be made into a bathroom mirror
-Paint "bench" white
-Make a bench cushion
-Write down the measurements for the tile flooring
-Get a guard for the heater- Paint white
-Create storage dividers for inside bench?
-Pour a glass of wine
-Make a painting/home improvement play list on my iPod
-Buy/paint/hang pegboard wall
-DIY paintings for bathroom art {mini art projects}
Let’s see how much I actually get done. Usually whenever I write out a list though, I get inspired because I love to cross things out! Plus, I know how much you guys are just dying to see my bench final project, right?! {I am kidding.} So hopefully this blog post will motivate me. Wish me luck.

Speak Softly. Carry a big stick.

Okay I know everyone is talking football right now on their blog posts and SportsCenter… and don’t get me wrong I am a huge college football fan and love the sport. But my heart will always have a major soft spot for hockey. Any type of hockey whether it’s NHL, college, peewee, midget, or even men’s league games I will watch and yell. I am even sporting my Red Wings shirt today at work!
What makes things even better is while on break this morning, I was thumbing through the new Warrior Hockey magazine and saw this beautiful advertisement starring this beautiful man. My favorite player, Henrik Zetterberg {plays for the Red Wings} is the new endorser of the Widow hockey stick… hmm love hockey players in their suits. But this ad is intensely hot... or in Brandon's words "bad ass." I mean look, his stick is on the bar next to his drink on ice with a straight face and underneath lies the tag line:
"Speak softly. Carry a big stick."

Boo yeah! That got my blood going… now I am on cloud nine. I have the advertisement hanging on my desk next to my calendar that is counting down the days until September 3rd . {First game of the season.} I am ridiculous, huh?
But honestly, you will love this man too after I tell you about how he got married. His wife, Emma, threw a party on the beach the weekend of the wedding that was wonderfully brilliant. Emma wanted to poke fun at the Sweden's tradition of public baths as recent as the 19th century by giving everyone a striped onesie bathing suit. What I love even more is the fact that he was game for it! I mean who says “Yeah babe, let’s theme our pre-wedding party and wear old fashioned bathing suits.” {of course, he would have said this in Swedish though} However, they do make an adorable couple and the pictures and concept are truly amazing and original.

The Wedding Guests

Even the rest of the Red Wings team sported the look! Love, love, love.
Wedding Day! They are both so attractive.

So now that I got to talk about my favorite things in the whole wide world - hockey and Zetterberg. I can go back to my work day fully contempt... Who can be in a bad mood when sporting red and white Red Wings apparel?

Anyone else ready for hockey season? What sport/team do you absolutely go crazy for? Do you like the crazy wedding idea?