Monday, June 13, 2011

Summertime & the Livin's Easy.

I am a huge advocator of checklists and goal setting. For me, it’s the gratification of crossing an item out that makes it worth it. So this weekend, I decided to write down a few summer goals and share them with the blogging world. I think now that the list has gone public; I will be more motivated to complete them. Some are silly while others are going to be tough {especially the one involving Diet Coke.}
What are your summer goals this year? Anything good I should add to my list!?


Portuguese Prepster said...

cutting back on diet cokes are big on my list currently!

Sarah said...

I need to really work on my reading lis this summer. Happy goal setting!

Sarah Kate said...

My favorite is 'get good at eating sunflower seeds'. :o) You're too cute!!!

Sounds like you're really close with your little brother. That's awesome!!!