Friday, June 10, 2011

Through {His} Eyes.

So last night, I picked up my new summer read & I haven’t been able to put it down… I actually stayed up late last night and woke up early to read as much as I could. {If only I didn’t work 10 hours of the day.} The book is none other than Tim Tebow’s Through My Eyes. Not only is he good to look at but his writing is both brutally honest while being extremely religious. I have always been interested in his background, however, the social media is so biased in either loving him or hating him, so some stories were embellished or completely wrong… Now he is setting the record straight at the age of 23 to talk about his past. In between stories  of football games or award banquets he relates Bible verses to every experience. Lately, I have been disconnected from religion, however, through this book, Tim is reaffirming my faith. Who would have thought that it would take a football-throwing athlete to reboot my faith? {If anything I thought it would be a hockey player.} From this book and reading about his life, Tim has become a huge role model for me as well as one of my favorite athletes. I don’t think I will become a Heisman trophy winner or play in the NFL but I am now motivated and thinking more positively. If anyone wants a sport-themed book laced with religion, I highly recommend “Through my Eyes.” And for those who would rather look at him then read about him… The next images are for you!
 Seriously, I can't stop posing pictures. I am in love. Better yet, obsessed.


Sarah said...

He's so hot. Haha. Thanks for the reading recommendation!

bailey said...

This book looks good! I have always been kind of annoyed with him, because I lived in FL during some of his UF playing days and people WORSHIPPED him. I would really like to have my mind changed about him though, and this book sounds like it would do it! Awesome that he is so open about his religion and that it helped you :)