Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jewelry as Art.

Before I moved into my studio apartment last semester, I created a jewelry board in order to organize and de-clutter my apartment’s tiny bathroom. From the beginning of brainstorming, I have wanted to design something that would allow me to see all my pieces at once as well as display them beautifully. So I decided to revamp an old corkboard to make it more useful. Funny thing is now that I am home for the next few months; I already found myself seriously missing the organization. {I had to put it in storage in Ohio since it wouldn't match my bedroom & bathroom color scheme in Michigan.} So now with some pretty blue fabric in hand, I am ready to redo an old message board has been a passdown gift from my sorority family for years. I love a good DIY project.

  • Corkboard
  • Fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Pushpins
  • Cup Hooks
First of all, I ironed out all the creases & folds out of the fabric. After centering the fabric on top of the corkboard I started with one side and fastened it down with a staple gun along its edge. Then stretched it to the opposite side and stapled. Each side you fasten make sure to pull and stretch the fabric for the opposite. Then its the easy part of deciding how many rows of earrings to display. I chose to do only 2 on this smaller scale corkboard and staggered the pushpins to create a space where the earrings can hang. Then on the 3rd row, I took cup hooks and screwed them into the board to dangle necklaces. Its such an easy organizer to create and it makes digging for earrings a thing of the past. :) Now I wake up some mornings and a pair will catch my attention which makes me think, "What outfit can I wear today AROUND those earrings?"
So now I have created two different versions that both serve its purpose. The one at school is more detailed with hooks for rings and bracelets; however, while home I have a jewelry box that is dedicated to those so all I needed was a space for my necklaces and earrings. Now I find myself staring at a new pair of earrings thinking “Awe, those earrings would look great hanging on my organizer.” Yeah like I really needed another reason to buy more jewelry!


Emily said...

you're ridiculous - I really like the pattern on the home one. But I do miss the ring and bracelet hooks the rings always look os cute :)

amy grace said...

Awesome post! Thanks for linking me over to see it!