Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Biggest Game of the Year!

Forget the NBA finals or the baseball season right now... tonight is the biggest game in the year {well it is in my opinion.} Its the Stanley Cup finals... Game 7! I cannot wait to watch the Vancouver Canucks take on the Boston Bruins. At the beginning of the regular season, I stated that the Canucks would win the cup this year, so I am sticking with my original belief and pulling for them. But honestly, this series has been so intense that I wouldn't even be disappointed if the Bruins win. Both teams have been bringin' the hurt!
Now if only this work day would wrap itself up so I can go to my favorite bar with my boys. I am SOOO ready to kick back with a margarita {on ice! seemed appropriate} to watch the conclusion of the year's hockey season. Is it really that bad of a thought to hope October {beginning of the college hockey season} will arrive quickly?

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