Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Want a Good Husband.

You guys need to give a listen to the group known as "The Good Husbands."
I would love if my "husband" was the guy who raps first in the video below who is wearing the Islanders jersey and camo shorts. {great combo, huh?!} My brother played their music for me almost a year ago and I couldn’t get their tracks on my iPod fast enough. It wasn’t until a month or two ago that Joe showed me the video for their single “Things I Haven’t Done” that not only did I fall in love with their lyrical skills but the guy in mirrored sunglasses. Ahh! I seriously spent the entire video scanning for him in every frame. Yeah, its love…. A one-sided love but I’ll take it.
“I got my chin up in this bitch, I’m unbreakable.”
I promise you won't be disappointed... How can you pass up listening to a good-look group of guys rapping about being "bros." Gotta love it :) At least it will get me through the work day.


Sarah said...

Those are some good husbands! Loving it!

Lori said...

That is so funny! Thanks for sharing :)

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