Monday, June 6, 2011

Pop of Color.

What's the best way to shake the "Monday blues"? Well for me it's a new shade of fingernail polish. So this week's colors are OPI's Sparrow Me the Drama topped with Silver Shatter.

One of my best friends had an appointment to get her haircut and since I was accompanying her, I thought I'd get a manicure. After several minutes of standing in front of the polishes trying to decide, I picked these two colors to brighten up my usual dark/deep nailpolish colors. It turned out so funky and fun. How can this not get me through the work week?
To top it all off, I went on a movie date last night to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. I swear Johnny Depp can make anyone laugh with his humorous movie lines and awkward facial and body movements. In my opinion, I liked the previous three movies more than this one, but just like the others I was laughing so hard at times. I can't help but be a sucker for this series, its pure entertainment regardless of the storyline. {Random sidenote: at the very beginning when they show the Disney castle logo, I love that a pirate flag is flying on its highest pike and a mermaid jumps out of the water. I am obsessed with little details like this...which made me even more excited to see it... and the movie hadn't even started yet.} Ahh, I am a dork.

But hey, everyone needs a little Jack Sparrow in their lives... even if its only on your nails.

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Emily said...

i hope you watched her shatter carefully because I have 6 different colors of shatter and am afraid to use them because Im bad at it