Friday, May 27, 2011

Words of Wisdom.

Since I am new to blogging, I had no idea that my page would become a major source of reflection and inspiration over the past few months. I love being linked to other creative people and gathering ideas of fashion, design, and lifestyle choices. Originally, I had wanted to blog about completed projects and run ideas past the blogger world. So far, so good. Now I am trying to maximize the amount of home improvement, DIY projects, and updating apartment goods this summer in a positive & "cheap" way. So I decided to record my goals/guidelines as a way to reiterate to myself everyday what I want to accomplish. Which include:
  • Swearing by the 3R's  {repaint, repaper, reupholster}
  • Steal ideas from other people's houses
  • Even the inside of closets and cabinets can be painted/wallpapered
  • Trust your instincts - "Go with your gut"
  • Don't be afraid to mix styles
So yesterday, I purchased the newest issue of "House Beautiful" magazine and didn't get around to reading it until break time at work. Well as soon as I opened the cover, those pesty magazine ads feel out and littered my desk. I was bothered until something caught my eye. It had to be fate intervening because when I saw the sentence "Get a Year of House Beautiful & Veranda Magazine for only $14," I was sold. Right now I am picturing myself cutting out ideas and making mood boards... Or at least, sitting outside in a lawn chair flipping through the issues. Bring on the inspiration!
Ohh, the DIY Network. There were many days this past semester at college that I would lounge in my chair glued to marathon episodes of "Rehab Addict." I love her... I love her "job." I can't imagine having the opportunity to gut a house completely and redo it as a flip. The best part about the TV show is she chooses houses that used to be the staple or glory of its neighborhood and now have become run-down or left-behind. It is so incredible that she is able to find old pieces that complement the era of the houses in this modern world. Since our house is old and my mom wants to keep the details of its time, she has become inspiration for me to go out and find pieces that will reflect that.
No joke... I own this toolbox. {Going to college present from the parents}
So all in all, I am hoping a little bit of blogging, magazines, and television shows will be the perfect amount of inspiration to get my butt into gear and a paintbrush in my hand. So be expecting a ton of posts regarding these projects I am getting myself into.

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