Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Book Nooks & Bookcases, Oh My!

Through this blog you will realize I have little quirks in my personality that are bizarre. In the case of books, I am weird. I purchase books for two reasons. First of all, its to read and enjoy the story. Secondly, because someday they are going to look phenomenal in my future bookcase or book nook. I go to the same local bookstore back home and the lady who owns it has known me since kindergarden, laughs every time I put a book on the counter. She knows that its an "investment" towards my future home's aesthetic.
This next picture is exactly what I want... Who wouldn't want to curl up in there and just get lost in a great book?
I want the books to be displayed basically as art. Before the book nook idea came to be I had always envisioned a room with tall bookcases and a ladder. I love this next picture due to all the white which makes the books' spines pop. 
The next picture I stumbled upon earlier this year and saved in "my pictures" folder on my laptop. The eerie thing is this girl owns all the books that I do. In my last post, I mentioned that my favorite author is Chuck Palahniuk and boom on the second shelf and the first pile is all Chuck! But I am loving this arrangement of books. I like that they are staggered and go against the typical "all lined up" vertical arrangement.
I cannot wait until I have a reading space/book nook that I can call my own. I think if the space is right then it will make the book even better!

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