Monday, May 16, 2011

A Girl's Workspace in a Greasy Man's World.

I am currently working for an aerospace engineering firm as the only woman engineer on staff, so I thought I'd show how I am able to bring some girlie-ness into a man-dominated field. Since I wear earplugs and safety glasses most of the day, I find it extremely important that my outfit/makeup are at least fashionable to try to even out the dorky gear. As for my desk, you can totally tell it belongs to a girl who loves the color pink and lots of busy prints. Whether it’s the things on my desk or the bright & bold computer background, it totally stands out amongst the other desks covered in fixture prints and manila folders. I can’t help that I am firm believer that colors change your attitude and lookout, so at least my desk makes me happy even though working at 6 am doesn’t.
But don’t get me wrong… I can definitely hang with the boys.  For example, my co-workers laugh at how I can be dressed up and put together then be able to roll my sleeves up and get my hands arms covered in grease. I’m caught in between two worlds... which definitely makes it fun. So here's a look at my desk and the items that are ALWAYS present:
On Tuesday, I was given that pile of work and told "well that should keep you busy these summer months." Yeah, he wasn't lying. I haven't made much of a dent yet. But hopefully I will be able to finish all those projects by August in order to surprise them with my efficiency. Let's hope so!
One of my favorite things and would be totally lost without is my Blue Jacket’s calendar… Yes, I am a diehard Red Wings fan, but this little gem holds my hectic life together. My best friend Emily received two of these calendars at a Columbus game awhile back and was nice enough to share. Thank goodness for that because now every month I get to see a new professional hockey player’s action shot. Of course I made it color-coded, so at a quick glance I am able to decipher my little brother’s baseball games vs. my summer plans. What is sad is I rely on this calendar more than the planner in my bag or the app on my phone… it was the first thing I put up in my office space. It’s the only form of artwork I have at work… for now.
Don't you love the silver smiley face at the top of my calendar? My coworker Jordan drew a face on the cupcake foil wrapper as a thank you/compliment of my Red Wings cupcakes earlier this week. I had to keep it because its stinkin' adorable. I am sure my desk will reflect more about me throughout the summer... so I will post if there is any new changes. Its definitely a work in progress!

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Emily said...

I hope your coworkers are appreciating the blue jackets calendar in a red wings world. and at first I thought the smiley was a engineers can make anything look good :) miss you