Monday, May 9, 2011

Pocket Doors Galore.

In previous blogs I have discussed my plans for our back porch. Since its our newest project, I wanted to find a way to accelerate the progress. So this Mother's Day, I gave my mom a card with pictures of these pocket doors inside. I told her I will pay for any door of her choice! 

The door is going to lead into a half-bath off of the laundry space. After doing some online hunting, I found a few that I fell in love with and hoping my mom will be equally inspired. 
In order from least to greatest doors:
Lastly, this next picture is what I want to do in my future home. The sliding-barn-door look! I love the pop of yellow color, but the overall function and style of this door is just so fun. I am quite the sucker for little touches/tastes of country. I mean can you blame me? I am from northern Michigan!
I am just hoping that the installation of the chosen door will be as easy as shopping for one! Let's get creative.

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