Saturday, May 7, 2011

Movin' On Up.

I am so grateful to my wonderful family who made the most difficult task of "moving out" fun and extremely easy. Sadly, I am the weakest individual you will ever meet. I have no upper body strength what-so-ever, so picking up and hauling boxes is nearly impossible. On the other hand, I am a fantastic packer. I love making lists of what each box consists of and labeling them all. I'm also a huge fan of bubblewrap and packaging tape. Another weird quirk? Yes.
All the boxes were then stored away in my closet as I go.
Thankfully, the liquor store in town let me have as many boxes as I needed... Although when hauling them out to the car, we saw a few people do a double-take probably trying to figure out if I was moving out or hosting a serious party. My mom rolled her eyes when she saw all the different brands of vodka boxes that were piled up around my apartment's walls.
My sister, who plays soccer for Northern Michigan University, had the muscles that I needed to get the job done. The only form of payment she wanted was to be paid in hot dogs and milkshakes at Sonic after we finish putting my furniture in storage. I felt so grateful that I bought Kelly two American-style hotdogs! I mean come on... look at that face... that is happiness!
After everything was removed and taken the the storage unit... I grabbed my last piece of luggage and took one last look in. Its crazy how I spent an entire year in that small studio apartment and now I have to leave it. I know for a fact that I will be telling my grandkids about my first solo apartment and how it was one of the best places I have ever lived. Its location was perfect too... Right on Main Street and only 3 blocks from uptown.
Finally going home for the summer... so I can't be too upset about moving out because... I am moving on up{north}.

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