Monday, May 23, 2011

Something Old With Something New.

Okay, I had to take a break from blogging all weekend because I seriously went from one home-improvement project to the next. Now my arms, legs, and back are definitely feeling the pain, so it feels good to just sit and type how my to-do list is coming along. It all started last week when I had my eyes peeled for pieces of furniture and storage to redo revamp to use on our back porch area. The only problem is my family keeps getting side-tracked due to lack of motivation, so I am overcompensating by obsessing over the project... That is what happens when you give me too much time to develop a game-plan or design. My mom is half expecting me to pull up a PowerPoint every time I grab my Mac, but instead its just a few mood boards I've created. So, I went up to our attic looking for inspiration. I ended up stumbling upon a long wooden shelf that would fit perfectly above the washer and dryer. All it needs is a few coats of white paint and two black cast iron brackets, then its ready to hang and hold detergent and the much needed "one-sock missing basket."
I swear the wash eats one of my brother's Nike socks each load.
Another piece I want to reuse is an old storage cabinet. It is currently lacking any hardware to keep the door closed and desperately needs a new paint job, but its perfect for storing all of the odds and ends. {Out of sight, out of mind.} I am trying to figure out how I want to line the interior shelves, but that can happen muchhhh later. But I want it to compliment the paint choice of the walls.
Sherwin-Williams "Evergreen"
I have always wanted a bench area to take off shoes/boots from the backyard, so luckily I found an storage bin that I am going to redesign and add a bench lid! I am a sucker for taking something old and making it new. I am picturing a fun green & white fabric to make it interesting and a focal point of the room. It already has the wainscoting design around it's sides so I am going to tie it in by creating a backdrop with the same design. Then between the two windows on the same wall, I want to adding some smaller cast iron hooks as well. That should tie it all together.
My inspiration...
{Instead of 2 walls we are doing it in between 2 windows!}
Use bead board vertically to create a featured wall.
Fabric choices for the bench seat
I love cast iron hooks... Country Chic!
Our house is already pretty cozy and the little touches of country are a reoccurring theme throughout the rooms so I want to bring them to the back porch. Yesterday was spent with me prepping the walls to get ready to paint, while my dad installed the half-bath's new sink. {So exciting!} I can't wait to start painting and then add these details to pull it all together. Now if only I could get my ENTIRE family to work together and get inspired... maybe I will show 'em this post! {Let my projects keep coming...}

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buddens said...

Hey! Do you know the sources for where you found those fabrics? They're gorgeous!