Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No Day Is So Bad...

...it can't be fixed with a nap.

My morning today started with day-dreaming about next academic year's apartment. Before I knew it, I was online getting ideas/inspiration for bedding and color schemes. Because let's face it, a bedroom has to be designed completely around the bed. I am kind of bummed that over the past few years I have accumulated furniture and all the must-have apartment goods and now I am moving into a fully-furnished place. {going backwards} Also, I will be leaving behind my beloved twin size bed to sleep in a full size now. {Probably crazy to call that a con, but I love-love-love my "baby" bed.} So that calls for all new bedding...throw pillows...bed skirts...blankets galore. The only problem: I am terribly indecisive. So here are a few options that I been lovin' all day long.
Cannon Bedding
I have been in lust with this bed-set from Cannon for over a year now. The pattern and color of the sheets are gorgeous and challenge the simpler-design of comforter in the greatest way. Seriously, that picture of the bed just looks like heaven and ready for me to curl up pass out after long days at the engineering lab. {Or right now because I should be in bed NOT @ work.} Its also the cheapest of the bedding sets that I have listed, which is a huge pro for this little college student. 
Kate Spade
{if my personality was a bed-set... it would be this}
Kate Spade "Hello Sunshine"

Jordan (Reversible)
So I am mentally going through the floorplan of my last apartment taking inventory of everything I can still use and keep with me in Ohio. But, I have this lamp from Pier One that I am still obsessed with, so I hope to use it in my bedroom next year... So a black and white theme again or just do color that has a red accent?

My bedding & lamp from old bedroom
Good thing I have an entire summer to figure out which bedding to choose. So definitely expect more bedding posts because once the work day ends, the search will become more extensive. It will all lead up to the BIG purchase and then will come posts for other accents/accessories for the room as well. :) Tell me what you think though... Let me know which one you like the best. {I need all the help I can get.}

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