Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother-Daughter{s} Pub Crawl.

My family is big on traditions. I think its because we always have such amazing experiences together that we hope to relive each time. For example, ever since my first visit to Oxford, Ohio, we grabbed lunch and/or drinks at 45 East Bar & Grill. So when my mother and sister arrived on campus this week, we quickly said our hellos, gave hugs, then walked uptown to sit and catch up. Little did I know we were about to begin a pub crawl... 45 was just the 1st stop!
Next stop was a quick walk across the street to the bar/club called Brick Street. This is where I have spent many nights singing karaoke, seeing live concerts, and enjoying happy hour specials. So we pulled up some bar stools to sit down and eat some bar popcorn and drink a Woodchuck Apple Cider Ale. {my sister's new drink of choice} 
Next stop was my favorite bar and newest establishment in uptown Oxford. The Woods Bar and Grill! We got there 10 minutes after the bar had even opened. So the bartender was laughing as he poured our drafts and checked our ID's because we were taking full advantage of their Happy Hour. Here's the only picture taken on the pub crawl... I was lacking on the whole capturing the moments via pictures that night.  
The next stop was off the beaten track of Oxford's High Street. In one of many alleys is this hidden gem of a bar... Mac & Joe's. The bar is lined with wooden booths and has a dark atmosphere. Two of my closest friends, Emily and Greg, met up with us at this point. And after many drinks we ordered some more appetizers before hitting up more bars.
Our night ended at 2 a.m. after we attended Brick Street's 90's night. Every Tuesday night, they play fabulous music from the 1990's while selling 90 cent draft beer. We sang songs that were guilty pleasures growing up and did plenty of family bonding. My mom and sister are such troopers and gave me another night that I will never forget in this exciting town. They acted like such Miamians!

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