Saturday, May 14, 2011

Intense and Dark Finds.

So in-between my brother's high school baseball games today I stopped in a used bookstore to get warm. I was pleasantly surprised that within a few minutes I already had a couple of books and a movie in my arms. Heaven forbid, I walk into a store WITHOUT buying anything... but the prices were too good to pass up. It's a cold and rainy day in Michigan, so its perfect weather to finally crack open one of my "new" books and relax with a movie later.
I was the most excited to find another Palahnuik novel to put in my Chuck collection. He's my absolute favorite author and even though I read the book years ago, I had to own a hardcopy for that future bookshelf I've been blogging about.
I am hoping to put a list together of other books I am hoping to read by the end of summer and go back to this used bookstore to see if they have them. If anyone has any books they've been in love obsessed with, let me know.

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