Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life Is Too Short To Drink Bad Wine.

Two weeks ago, I was able to stop in Lansing to shop at one of my favorite grocery stores, Horrocks Farm Market.  It has every type of vegetable, fruit, cheese, and meat you can ever imagine while also offering fun/different/exotic goods as well. I can't help but automatically be happy when I walk through the warehouse because I get a flood of childhood memories from when we lived nearby. The most vivid memory I have is the store's self-playing piano in the middle of the produce playing songs while my sister and I would walk back and forth through the plastic lined doors of their freezer section. Its little things like that which brings me happiness. So when my sister took potatoes and put them through her fingers and yelled "I have mutant hands," I realized we still haven't grown up at all!
Another moment of happiness occurred when I went around a corner and all of a sudden I was in heaven. I had found the wine section! Almost immediately I started walking down the aisles slowly trying to find a bottle that I haven’t tried but has a fun pretty label. 
This is the bottle I finally decided on… its a South Eastern Australian Moscato called Lotto. The label grabbed my attention but it was the description that totally sold me. On the back label is written "Every bottle is a winner." So adorable. It also states they wanted to make a wine that "was full of energy that you are able to enjoy at a summer barbeque with friends or simply turning a Tuesday night into something more special." Which sounds absolutely perfect and caused me to say outloud {alone} "How fun is that?!"
Along with the bottle of wine, I also purchased a few different varieties of cheeses. My idea is to host a little outdoor wine tasting party this week with my close girlfriends. It is the perfect way to get us together and catch up on each other’s lives lately. Hopefully the wine tastes as good as it looks!! {Expect more wine posts in the future. I love exploring different bottles and brands.}

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