Monday, May 2, 2011

Summer Reads & Buys.

Ahh, there is about to be a day when I can crack open a book that isn't a textbook. I will soon be able to sit on the beach or our front porch and read for the enjoyment... It's just around the corner. So I started making a list of the books I want to purchase to fill up the down time. Now first things first, you should know that I purchase books that I know will look amazing in the future book-nook or bookcase of my first house. {My next post will have to be my ideas and inspiration for these rooms.} Until then, I have to keep up with all the new releases and bestsellers that my local bookstore has to offer and start reading!

I have owned this book for almost a whole year and haven't gotten around to reading it. "Tell All" is written by my favorite author, Chuck Palahnuik. I will read anything and everything this man has to say. He's so twisted yet brilliant! Honestly, he is on my list of people I'd love to meet. My sister and I are currently keeping an eye on his book tour for his next novel, "Damned," and hoping to drive to a signing. He is truly a genius which makes it almost unbearable that I finally can get around to reading his newest book.

Ohh, Chelsea Handler. I love this lady. She is hands down one of the funniest ladies ever. Straight and to the point... That is why her book is on my "must reads." I have heard mixed reviews but I am the kind of person who has to read a book or see a movie just to say I did. Plus, its definitely not going to be a challenging book to get through which means its a perfect read for the end of the engineering workday.
I need to own this... I have skimmed through it so many times I have lost count. So this summer I promised myself I would finally cave and purchase it. Buying this book if not just for pure inspiration it is also perfect for my future coffee table. Basically, a two-for-one. 
I am obsessed with doing everything as cheap as I possibly can... that's probably why I love DIY projects. I spend enough money on everything else, that I would love finding ways to spend less on different aspects of life. I have friends that swear by this book, so of course it made the list. 

*I need to find a romantic book for the summer... I mean come on, every girl needs a little romance in the summer. Need ideas!

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