Friday, July 1, 2011

Ohhh Ahhh! {4th of July}

I am a girl that loves her traditions! It’s the little things in life like knowing that your Fourth of July morning/afternoon is going to be spent with family and friends in one of the most gorgeous and charming cities in Michigan. Every year of my life so far, I have spent my fourth in Harbor Springs, Michigan. We start by putting our lawn chairs out on the parade route early in the morning, then stroll downtown until stores start opening. Our first serious stop is a little sandwich spot called Gurney’s. Ahh, it’s so amazing and usually ends up as the highlight of my day. This is me with my beloved sandwich last year on the Fourth.
Next it’s a drink at Bar Harbor and then we walk around the “Art in the Park” festival before relocating back to our lawn chairs. Over the past few holidays, my best guy friend Jordan has joined my family because he already lives in Harbor and honestly has been accepted as one of “us.” This year is a little different due to the fact that we are both bringing dates. {Yeah for having a double date while my parents watch on! Haha} But honestly, my parents are excited to spend the day with new people and just kick back and relax.
So after muchhhh thought, I came up with what I want to wear during the day. It’s supposed to be 92 degrees on Monday and we will be on the shore of the lake all day so a nautical themed outfit is beyond perfect! The dress has white anchors all over it... Obsessed, to say the least.
1. Dress: blue and white anchor dress from Target
2. Next Navy Nautical Wedges
3, Red Cardigan from J.Crew
4. White Fossil Watch
5. Red Peace Sign Bracelet from Spud's

Jordan watched me put together this post so he wanted me to show what he will be wearing on the Fourth as well… such a nosy coworker neighbor.  Who knows what our dates will wear but at least we will look good. Haha!
What do you guys have planned for the holiday? Any traditions relived year after year? Also, if you have outfits planned/posted on your blogs, let me know. I need ideas for what to wear the rest of the weekend. Many parties to attend!


TheDogLikeCynic said...

haha "beloved sandwich" love that.

Have a great weekend :)

Turtles and Pearls said...

I love the anchor dress! You can never go wrong with anything nautical. Love it for the Fourth with the red accents.