Thursday, July 14, 2011

Viewing Party!

Every Wednesday night is spent at my favorite bar with my favorite people listening to Irish folk songs sung by my best friend’s father and brother. Well sadly the ESPYs award show thought they needed to land on a Wednesday this year, so how did I solve this? Umm by having a viewing party at the bar! I sat at a table placed perfectly by a TV yet close to the music stage so I could take in both of my favorite things… professional athletes and good music.
Kathleen, Me, and Kate
Kathleen singing with her family!
I don't like how there were 10 of us there and these are the only pictures I got to document the night! Haha I need to start going back to the days when I carried my camera everywhere and acted like the paparazzi. Anyway, onto the award show recap!
What made this year’s award show different, however, was the familiar face in the crowd of athletes. Miami University’s own, Andy Miele, was among the nominees for Best Male College Athlete. Although, he didn’t walk away with the award, I was so happy that he was the face of the team that I love so much. It was great exposure for the type of hockey program we have at college and shows the caliber of guys that play for us. Plus, I love humble athletes who have all their dreams come true and Andy is the exact portrayal of that! {Plus, he tweets pictures which makes me feel like I am apart of the ESPYS action.}
The Red Carpet is so much fun to watch.  Here’s a few of my favorites athletes/outfits:
TIM TEBOW! Gorgeous... absolutely gorgeous.
Ryan Reynolds. I was literally fanning myself with the menu when they showed him. So hot.
Lindsay Vonn: Won Best Female Athlete: Skier
Maria Sharapova
And of course, there is always THAT guy at every award show and Brian Wilson was it. He is the closing pitcher for the San Francisco Giants and if his beard wasn't enough to talk about, Brian found it appropriate to wear a spandex "onesie." He completed the look with a cane and orange bowtie & socks. Sexy, right?

Anyone else catch the ESPYs last night? Whose your favorite athlete? Do you have a professional athlete in mind that can pull off a suit perfectly? I need eye candy to get me through the workday so give me ideas, girls!


Courtney Ash said...

Maria looks stunning! And how fun does your night sound!?!? Can't beat spending the night with good friends! Great conclusion to come too! Btw im having a link up over on my blog and would love for you to join in :)) xoxo

MartilaMi said...

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Thanks! kisses, Marti! ;DDDDD
Glamour Marmalade

Alexis @bloomedinjune said...

so glad you enjoyed the awards, and that miele is pretty cute :)

Alex said...

YAY so glad you found my blog because I am already loving yours! Can't wait to read more

The Whity Wife said...

Hubby and I had to DVR it- so we finally watched it last night (red carpet and all) while gulping- er sipping- on homemade margaritas!Our house belongs to sports, so it was a fun night for us.

Flying a plane was pretty awesome- so it's legit to be jealous ;) Thanks for stopping by!!

little miss southern love. said...

Love tim tebow!