Thursday, July 28, 2011

Revamp and Revive.

Even though I work about 55 hours a week at an aerospace engineering firm, somehow I get myself into projects that keep me even busier. Honestly, I don’t know where I find the energy or time to get them done but so far, I have been kickin’ butt on my DIY to do list. My sister bought a desk at the beginning of the summer that was in rough shape but had huge potential. I told her I would work on it little by little to make sure it’s done by the time she moves into her apartment for the fall semester at Northern Michigan University. So I took a hand sander to it and made sure to smooth the desk out… Here’s a picture of it once sanded. I wish I would have took a picture of it at the very beginning but I jumped into project without thinking.
Then once I applied the stain and polyurethane, she {yes the desk is a girl} looks like a million bucks. I still need to pick up some hardware for it… The pulls were extremely old and very ornate… But now that it’s been revamped, I am thinking about picking up modern pulls. What do you think?
Staining the mirror frame which needs to be reattached to the desk.
So be expecting a picture of the final-final project! Just wanted to show the progress, maybe as a way to motivate me to get it done!
While the stain was drying, I decided to start a different project. We designed a half bath for our back porch awhile back and it has been left unfinished. So I spackled the wall to fill in holes and uneven areas of the walls then sanded it smooth. It made quite the mess and was exhausting. So the last thing I did was wipe down the walls so they are clean and free of dust and ready to be primed. Yeah the lime green paint color needs to go.
Instead, the room is receiving a light tan paint color with white trim. The sink still needs to be put in as well as new flooring. Ahh so exciting! But honestly, thank goodness for this blog because I think it will help bring focus and motivation to my busy life… Can’t keep my followers in the dark about how the projects turn out! Haha. Right? So bare with me on these works in progress.

Anyone else revamping places or things in their life?


Anonymous said...

Look at Canvas Tan by Sherwin Williams for your walls. It's a light, creamy tan color. Turns out beautiful!!!

I'm really impressed with your desk!! It looks great! Modern pulls would look really nice on it if that's your sister's style!

amy grace said...

That desk is beautiful! I would say some simple modern/transitional pulls. I wouldn't go TOO modern as the desk isn't painted some crazy color but still a warm wood-tone stain.

Can't wait to see the finished project here and the bathroom!!

ACL said...

The desk looks great! Well done, don't know how you get the time for all of that :)

Bay Park Dream said...

Love what you're doing to the desk! :) I agree with the above commenter, some modern handles/pulls would look great.... oorrr you could also check out Anthropologie and find some unique and colorful handles there.
Excited to see how the room turns out :)