Friday, July 8, 2011

Watch This!

For the past week, my sister and I have been watching The Kennedys. It’s a miniseries of 8 episodes about the highs and lows of one of America's most famous families, which begins on the day John F. Kennedy cinched the 35th presidency alongside First Lady Jacqueline in 1960. We still have the very last episode to watch and I am kind of wishing it wasn’t coming to an end. My sister and I have used the series as a way to end our days after getting off work and it has become the perfect way to unwind before we head to bed.
I love Jackie O's style and fashion choices during this time period, so I find myself smiling as I watch Katie Holmes portray her and wear all those gorgeous outfits. Look how familiar the two are!
Here's a few of my favorite Jackie O pictures... Gotta love those sunglasses.
From being out of it and slap-happy at the end of day while watching this series, my sister and I have developed WAYYY too many inside jokes through the show. I am in love with Bobby Kennedy. I love how they show his family life and his willingness to do everything possible for anyone. Well my love for him results in me looking at my sister after every Bobby scene and saying “Gosh, I love Bobby.” Which caused her to roll her eyes and reply “I KNOW!” She quickly made up her mind that she wasn’t going to allow me to be annoying for the rest of the series, so Kelly decided to yell out “Bob-Dog!” or “Bob-Tits” whenever Bobby would show up on the scene. It has now become a theme in our everyday lives of yelling out “Bob-Dog” whenever we see each other. Random but totally worth telling my followers!
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Movie Bobby vs. Real Bobby
You guys have any series you are addicted too? Or how about any one-liners you use from a TV series? Let me know! I need a new show to occupy my nights!


adamwells said...

A Series I just got into is Sons Of Anarchy, I had all but given up TV shows because they bore me, but SOA blew me away. First 2 seasons are on Netflix Watch Instantly, I highly recommend checking them out.

One Liners from a TV series? I always semi-quote Bender from Futurama with his line "Its me, Bender" by saying Its me, Adam,to end stories or statements, because I'm just awesome like that

Sarah Jane said...

Hahaha I like it! Yeah, the Kennedys was on Netflix Watch Instantly too, so I will definitely have to check out SOA. Thanks for the recommedation! I am a movie/TV series addict.

Alexis @bloomedinjune said...

the day after it came out,my american history teacher told our whole class how unrealistic it was and how it did not really fully the kennedy's history.

i didn't listen, and continue watching :) glad someone else is too!

Gracie Beth said...

I really like the Kennedys too! I have been watching it on netflix.

Sarah said...

I'm obsessed with Mad Men. It takes place from the late 1950s to the 60s. I love how accurate it is in portraying the time period, and all of the little quirks that go along with it. The characters are wonderful too. I love Don Draper, haha.