Friday, July 22, 2011

Food & Football?

It's Friday! Ahh finally...
I am already at work daydreaming about dinner tonight at a new restaurant -- yeah, my family does a "new place Friday" every week and sadly, I look forward to it. Through this little "bonding experience" we have found some pretty impressive yet off-the-main-road places to eat. Plus, it gives us a chance to be serious food critics when we drive home ranting or raving about it. Pathetic, huh? Tonight, we will be going to the restaurant known as, The Wigwam. {no joke!} So here's a little story about how this quaint little place has already found in my heart. The first step of finding/pursuing a new restaurant is going to check it out to see if its should be next week's food adventure. Well the first thing I noticed were the t-shirts... No joke, on the front is a picture of their Wigwam logo, then on the back... wait for it... says "My Indian name is 'Running Tab.'" Ohh yeah, my kind of people! I am sure its all locals that eat there and we will turn a few heads but it makes it part of the fun. A few of my good guy friends are coming along this week to participate since they have heard about my new food adventures and for some crazy reason think my family is funny!
Other than that, I plan on being semi-boring one of the nights this weekend and grabbing a bottle of wine {or two} and scrapbooking. My brother plays three different Varsity sports and as my graduation present to him next year, I want to document it all in the form of numerous scrapbooks. I am a little obsessed with the little boy {yeah, he is 6'3" and I still call him little} so I have poured a lot of time, effort, creativity, and money on that boy. I am working on his football career thus far right now. What's funny is there is only so much you can do with blue and white {our high school colors} so I was happy to finally use some pink to document the Breast Cancer Awareness football game last season. So I am currently working on these pages...

This was hands down one of the best weekends of my life. My amazing friend, Amanda at college got this idea in her head Thursday night before the "pink game" that we should drive 8 hours north to attend it. She knew I was feeling down and left out that I couldn't make it to my brother's game. So at 4 am, we got in the car without telling anyone and starting driving. I surprised my mom first by showing up to the football stadium where she was setting up the concession stand for the night. She started bawling because she wanted me to be there. Then I went to the school and waited in the parking lot for my brother. He came walking out dressed in his khakis and game day jersey and saw me right away. He took off running straight at me, lifted me in the air and twirled. I was laughing and saying "I didn't want to miss it" then I realized he was crying. He was so happy I was there to see him play a game that is very important to our family since we have been affect by fmaily member's getting breast cancer. Talk about an amazing day!
Amanda and I after arriving safely!

The boy we came to see WIN!
So I guess making these scrapbooks are a way for me to look back on spending time with my family. Ahh they mean the world to me. So tonight's dinner at a new place should be special no matter what - just making new memories to rehash and talk about later.

Food and football post? What could be better... well, with a side of family talk. I want to know what you guys are doing this weekend... Can't wait to read your blogs to figure it out! Anyone have family plans too?


Portuguese Prepster said...

awww that sounds like such an amazing day! I think it's great your family has a Friday night dinner tradition!

Jaime said...

You are so precious, thanks for my sweet comment on my blog! I love having a new follower and I love having a new blog to follow :)

I also LOVE your header, we actually just found out that we're preggo and I just told my hubs a week ago that if its a boy I want to do a Sailboat nursery theme :)

Yay, cant wait to