Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good Looks & Innovation.

I am sure we have all heard the line, “it’s all about the marketing.” Well if you allow one my favorite hockey players {well any hockey player} tweet about a new drink, I WILL try it. Lately on Twitter, Sean Avery {see picture down below} has been promoting a new kind of drink that wins me over with both looks and innovation. I am an engineer, so I tend to overanalyze little details and this product made me kick myself that I didn’t come up with it first. Basically it looks like a normal bottle of water, but once you TWIST the top, a small blade cuts a packet of vitamins, and then you SHAKE the bottle to mix the powder with the water. And there you have it… it’s now Activate-d. I was so intrigued that I ordered a 4 pack…  Some are geared for workouts {the ones I am purchasing}, while others are for energy, immunity, anti-oxidant, and multi-vitamin. The combinations of flavor sound too good to be true but worth a try, such as: raspberry citrus, blueberry pomergrate, lulo pear, and pink grapefruit.
I will have to do a review for you guys after I recieve my 4pack, but if you see any in your local stores grab one and give a try. I did try one sip of the Berry one yesterday while I was out on the lake wakeboarding with a few college hockey players. They told me they have been drinking them for awhile now, so I felt behind on the times. I am just hoping at least a few of you haven't heard about it yet ;) Boost my self-esteem a little. But hey if hockey players like it then why wouldn’t we? Actually that’s probably way too far fetched...


Caroline said...

I love the looks and idea behind these bottles! They are so interesting! Thanks for sharing! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog this morning; I appreciate it! I am now following you too... love your blog!


Anonymous said...

Those are actually really pretty!! I love the design. Pretty cool concept, too!

Anonymous said...

hmm... i'm very intrigued as to whether or not they actually do anything for you!

is it extra sugar added in the drink? or straight vitamins?

excited to hear your review!

xo, lizzie