Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Warrior.

This weekend was very eventful but unfortunately I didn’t document really anything with photographs, so be prepare for a semi-random account of how everything went down.
Yesterday was spent on the boat in Walloon Lake, which is about fifteen minutes from where I live. Not only does the lake have sandy beaches but also the water is SO warm… Lake Michigan {in my front yard} is “freezing” year round, so it’s nice to spend the day on a lake that doesn’t suck the air out of you when you jump overboard!
This picture was taken as soon as we cracked our first drink for the day while putting the boat in. Yeah showing some MIAMI LOVE… gotta represent the best college/place in the world! The entire day, however, was spent wakeboarding and soakin' up the sun and BOY did I get a lot of sun. I was totally the"mom" of the trip by packing a cooler of just sandwiches and snacks while bringing another cooler consisting of many adult beverages... ohh yeah. So I think the boys will be bringing me along on more wakeboarding trips this summer.
Once I got home late last night, I started layering the lotion on my red body while watching the movie, Happy ThankYouMorePlease.
I highly recommend it! I didn’t know if it was going to be a proper date movie choice because it’s an indie-romantic-comedy type movie, but it had arrived from Netflix and I was anxious to watch it. What’s great is towards the end of the film the storyline really starts coming together and out of nowhere the guy I am watching it with whispers “Sarah… I really, really, really like this movie.” Haha, it was probably hard for him to admit that but now he is promoting you guys see it too. It’s a feel goodmovie and makes me want to get in a relationship...quick! {Really close to that happening… trust me, you’ll be hearing about it!} But anyway, see the movie… It’s got great one-liners and many opportunities to say “awwwww” out loud.
Other than that, this work week needs to move fast… yeah it’s only Monday, but this coming weekend is the big 3-on-3 hockey tournament!! It’s been wayyy too long since I have sat in an ice rink to watch my favorite sport being played. Plus, there's nothing better than walking outside after the games and its freakin' hot out. Pretty good combination if you ask me. The boys who I go to support graduated high school with me and they always have a great team. Not to mention, a lot of college hockey players come to the tournament to use this time to play a few rounds during the summer to stay in shape and practice. To me this translates to...Eye candy! Haha.
So I hope everyone's weekend was wonderful. I wanna know what you've all been up too, so I will be checking blogs. Did anyone else get some "color" this weekend?


Lauren said...

I want to see Happy Thank You More Please! Glad you liked it.
I gave you an award in my newest post here:
-Lauren :)

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

There's nothing like a great weekend! I wish I'd gotten some color during the weekend, but I stayed inside because it was TOO hot. :) Basking in the AC = heaven.

I'm hosting a giveaway this week if you'd like to stop by my blog!


Alexis @bloomedinjune said...

i'm adding that movie to my list of must see's. i saw a trailer for it before, and wanted to know-but this is just a good reminder to get on that!

and tell us more about this relationship, i'm sure we'd all love to hear :) or..just me!

ACL said...

oh too cute! I'm going to look up this movie pronto :)