Friday, July 15, 2011

Accessorizing Dangerously.

So last night I purchased something that I fell in love with months ago but for some reason did think I needed it at that time. My sister works at a shop downtown that sells funky, trendy, high-end jewelry and whenever they get a new shipment of charms in I have to make a pitstop to check em out. Well my attention was immediately drawn to a revolver gun charm. Random right? But I have never seen anything like it and for a girl who tends to play things safe... it was my attempt at some rebellion. Haha! So now I own a charm bracelet with a gun on it! I am in love with it but my main question is what can I possibly add to it now? 
What tops finally caving and buying the charm is my sister comes home from work hours later and finds me reading in bed. She hands me this little box that she had gift wrapped. Once I opened it I was staring at mini revolver earrings! Haha, she said she found them in one of the cases at the store and had to buy them for me. I couldn't stop laughing! I won't ever wear them together because thats a bit of overload, but now my family are supporting my rebellion... I didn't think that is how its suppose to work!
Also, while I was shopping last night, I stopped in my salon to pick up some new nailpolish. I ended up buying Mermaid Tears from the Pirates of the Carribean collection as well as Bring on the Bling. I ended up gaving myself a manicure last night because I can't just buy nail polish without quickly getting it on my nails. Its an addiction!

After my little shopping spree, my mom and I stopped at our favorite Mexican restaurant for a few drinks and have a little vent session. Well during the bartender speech of happy hour specials he told us that tonight if you order their Blue Parrot Margarita that you get a free t-shirt. Of course, I quickly signed myself up.  It was absolutely delicious {and strong} and I walked out of the bar a few hours later feeling like I won a prize. Win-win!
It was a pretty great Thursday night if I do say so myself. Now I am geared up for a weekend spent in the sun with no work, all play. I get to rock my new nail polish color and gun bracelet… should be fun to plan outfits around my new buys! Haha, anyone else ever just buy something that doesn’t fit their personality but its too cute/fun to pass up?


Sarah said...

I definitely have. It's nice because I've found ways to work the pieces into my wardrobe, mostly later on.

Miss Lindsay said...

"Accessorizing dangerously" - hilarious!

Alexis @bloomedinjune said...

i LOVE your watch and your polish colour :) so great!

Madeline said...

How fun!! I love that nail polish color. I definitely need to try it! Love your blog :)
now following!


jessie said...

mermaid tears is my fave!!!!!!