Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Step One: Inspiration.

If you have read my earlier posts, you’d already know that I am currently redoing the back porch and half bathroom in our house. My mom got overwhelmed with the whole DIY aspect of it, so she turned the job over to me. I was very excited to handle a big project all by my lonesome and started creating the longest to-do list known to man.  The only downfall is I realized no matter how driven I can be, sometimes you need to realize that I can’t do everything myself. The bucket of primer was bigger than me… I am so short that everything involves a step stool... And employees at home improvement stories don't think I know what I am talking about. {What should I expect when I wear wedges into those stores... I probably send off the "too girlie" vibe.}
The most successful part of the job so far has been the pieces of inspiration I have found online and in magazines. My mom is mildly obsessed with shabby chic and country style, so I thought I would bring aspects of this design into the new half bathroom. I love the crispy yet old-hearted feeling of these rooms... so I am taking pieces from each to translate into the design of our bathroom.
We have wainscoting in our kitchen and I am thinking of doing a feature wall that has this design as well. I think it would look amazing underneath the 2 windows that reside already in the room. Not to mention this detail would divide the room and give it some depth. I also love these shutters. The windows in the bathroom look out into the backyard, so its necessary to add curtains or shutters as privacy. I want the shutters shown below badly, so those definitely made the to do list.
Storage is extremely important for this room. With 5 members of the family, we have accumulated a lot of bathroom toiletries. Especially since my sister and I are back from college meaning all of our "almost gone" bottles of shampoo and body wash came with us. {Heaven forbid we throw it away because when you are a poor college student you are squeezing every single ounce of that conditioner out of the bottle!} Even with all the extra stuff, I love the simple look of this picture below. My mom went out thrifting the other day and found a cabinet just like this one, so I am going to sand it down and maybe even paint it this soft blueish-green color as well.  
I am a sucker for little details also... I have an old window frame that I found/purchased at a barn sale earlier this summer. My game plan is to sand it down to get it clean again, then make it into a mirror by replacing the 6 pieces of glass with mirror panels. Ahh, I am so excited! Of course, I thought I was the only one who has ever had this idea, until I googled it. Haha! Turns out people have been doing this trend for awhile now... Like this one was turned into a mirror and put in a garden.... Brilliant and beautiful!
So the one I am doing is going to be the mirror over the sink. No one uses this bathroom to get ready in, so a proper mirror isn't very neccessary. Allows me to get creative! Plus, I love how it will tie in with the shabby chic feeling of the room. Here's a few more mirror inspirations:
 Have you ever done this? Thought you were a genius then once you are looking online find that someone else pretty creative has beaten you to the punch?

Also, if anyone has a good eye or taste in interior design and have any ideas for a country-style bathroom, please let me know! I'd love some inspiration from the blogging world. Until then, I guess here we go... throwing myself into this project!


Sarah Kate said...

Nothing says country like beadboard wainscoting! That's what we're putting into our kitchen.

Sarah Jane said...

That's right! Plus, I love it... I think its such a classy, clean look. Glad you like it!