Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Going Down the River... In Style.

Since I am one of the biggest planners you’ll ever meet… It’s no wonder that I have already made plans for this coming Saturday. After much thought of an idea that involves sun and water, I thought a little “trip down the river” with my friends was muchhh needed. Every summer, a group of us will get together to tube down the Sturgeon River.  It’s kind of a joke because the river is extremely slow moving and all that is left to pass the time is to just kick back, relax, and…drink.  
I made a list of everything I wanted to bring along and starting putting things into my beach tote and after the list was completed, I could help but smile. It’s going to be a good time! Here’s what I am taking:
Ralph Lauren turquoise beach tunic
Ralph Lauren yellow striped beach tote
Old Navy gold flip-flops
Pair of aviator sunglasses with kroakies
Banana Boat spray tanning lotion
Skinnygirl Margaritas in my double insulated Pier1 cup {Reward if I make it down the river alive}

The river takes about 3 hours to complete…at our pace. We always have to pull up to beaches along the way, swim a bit, and make friends with everyone else on the river that day. So this year, you can tell I am a little bit more excited than other years, well it’s because I bought this beauty. I went to the marine shop last night with Jordan and I originally wanted to find a hot pink or purple inner tube to use this weekend. That was until I saw this one… with a cooler! And a cup holder! And a BACK REST!
So needless to say, I am now the proud owner of a pimped-out inner tube. My friends are going to be jealous! :) But now, I am going to be scared of every stick, log, or tree we float/rub against because I am going to be so depressed if she {it} gets punctured. See I am already really attached to my new toy. I just with the guy came with it!

Does anyone else go tubing, canoeing, or rafting down rivers? Let me know if you guys think of anything else that is needed to survive the trip.


Emily said...

Skinnygirl without me? Just not fun.... I've gone kayaking everyone hated me because I had to get to work and it was a 3 hour river and I kept telling everyone we couldn't stop and had to hurry :)

Sarah Jane said...

Haha, ahh I hate that I am going to have a glass {or two} of Skinnygirl without you. But it will make me think of you, so thats a plus. Wish you were up here so we could tackle the river together... I am sure we would be as disfunctional as usual!

Portuguese Prepster said...

looks like soo much fun! I love the tunic and okay confession, I have yet to try Skinnygirl! I need to!

Alexis @bloomedinjune said...

that looks so fun and i'm sure you'll have an AWESOME time!

Kelli said...

a Hat. i can't go canoeing without a hat! and your tricked out tube is way too cool!

Mackenzie said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! I've decided that we need to be friends. I'm jealous of your floatie, I kinda want one too. I have a Yorkie, I like to thinks he's pretty cool. I took him to the dog groomer one day, right around Halloween. I asked them to give him a puppy cut and a mohawk. He looked so cute!! My mom hated it and she's never let me take him to the dog groomer's since. She'll get over that one day.

Have fun this weekend!

kelley mackenzie said...

my friends and i always go floating down the river in tubes--very relaxing and fun! except we are cheap and go to tire shops and they give us free tire tubes, your fancy one looks much nicer! haha

Anonymous said...

Somehow I just found your darling blog(?), and I LOVE it! Thank you for following me! I also adore that coverup/beach bag!

Sarah said...

I lovvvve that tunic! So cute!

jessie said...

love that you are bringing skinnygirls with you... def a necessity. have fun!