Saturday, April 30, 2011

Life Is A Highway.

So after spending this weekend packing up my apartment, I decided to redirect my attention towards the 8 hour roadtrip that I will be embarking on Thursday. Now anyone who travels with me, knows that I bring the same things with me on every car ride.
Honestly, the reason why Diet Coke is number one on the list is because its the most important to me. I am addicted to this beautiful silver can. Its my knight in shining aluminum! I always have one with me... I am known to pull a Diet Coke out of my purse no matter what time of the day. So of course, I would bring one with me on a road trip!
Ahh, these are so good. I always have to purchase a bag whether I am about to go on a plane or car ride. Its a definite given. A weird fact about me is I challenge myself with each mint to NOT bite it... but I have yet to complete this task. Random, I know.
I love traveling because I get to catch up on all the juicy celebrity gossip and articles that don't involve some sort of engineering. Its nice to read pointless stories instead of reading educational articles that involve highlighting and memorizing. I need a break from all the schoolwork. I just got the new issue of Miami Quarterly magazine that my college produces yesterday, so I am going to save reading it until on the trip.
This should really be number 2 on the list, because its another item that I can't go a day without. My grocery lists ALWAYS include Diet Coke and Wheat Thins... But honestly, there is no better combination than these two things together. So our car will definitely have a open box of Wheat Thins in the center console!

I love, love, love road-trips! I cannot wait to hit the open road on my way back home to Michigan. What makes it even better is I get to spend this time with my sister and mother. So its going to be a great road trip full of good food, drinks, and sing-a-longs. More on that later...

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