Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Studio That Built Me.

I figured I would give a tour of my studio apartment that I call "home" while at college. I live alone which gave me complete creative control (say that 3 times fast) of how I wanted it decorated and set up. I must have done something right because my landlord shows her "future tenants" my apartment on her tour now. She thinks its a huge inconvience for me, however, I take it as a compliment and also an excuse to always pick up after myself. 
So this picture was taken on move-in day. I was seriously handed the keys to a big, square, empty room. The apartment is considered half basement, so the plugs are at an awkward height as well as the AC unit. 

So after moving everything into the middle of the room, I started visualizing the space. The craziest thing about my move in story is that I signed my lease without ever seeing the studio apartment because I had already returned to Michigan for the summer. Based on emails from the landlord and the plans available online I drew up mock positions for furniture and living areas. Seen here:

Lucky for me, everything actually fit right into place where I wanted it. I was able to divide the room up so it gave the feeling of being separated, however, made it feel larger than it really is.   

The view from the dining room table into kitchen.
A little wrapping paper to spice up the boring cupboards!

I am obsessed with finding ways to display the
things you love as art.
My black and white bed.
The desk that I never seem to leave... thanks engineering homework!
I have now lived in this small studio apartment for 9 months and I am still loving it. Since I will be moving out in a few weeks, I wanted to document all the little details before it gets packed up and moved to a new apartment for next semester. I am happy that this was my very first apartment living alone... I have had so many good memories here and it will be hard to move on.

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