Monday, April 25, 2011

How Sweep It Is.

So after holding a successful party, why not host a new one? What better reason to celebrate than my beloved Detroit Red Wings sweeping the Phoenix Coyotes in the first series of the NHL Playoffs?
Love the celebration!
I am going back home to northern Michigan in a week, so my head is already reeling with ideas to show some Red Wings love. Call me crazy but I have had these ideas saved for years because I always joke with my friends that I want to have a wedding on ice... with my dream hockey player at the end of the icy aisle. Haha, I know its wishful thinking, but I girl can dream.
Idea for tables.
No party is complete without a dessert table. Love the Stanley Cup cake!!
Little hockey puck chocolates!
I found the recipe for the chocolate hockey pucks and I am thinking with some Red Wings red velvet cupcakes... My coworkers and hometown friends should be happy. We already get a little TOO into the games so I am sure the sugar high will make us even more obnoxious. I can't help but love the playoffs... It's the best time of the year. There is at least one game every night giving me something to look forward to (even if its not the Wings) and knowing that I get to spend watching good hockey with my friends.
I can't wait for the next round of series to begin because I am going through a Red Wings withdraw. Its only been 5 days since they've taken the ice but believe it or not I am ready for more games... I am ready to conquer my nerves and practice breathing during the games instead of only at commercials.
Don't tell me its just a game! ;)

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Emily said...

Oh my gosh I love the wedding pictures. And you should def make red wings hockey pucks for your miami friends too - I mean I did make half your cake :)