Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summer Lovin'

I just had the best phone conversation with my mom a few minutes ago. She is driving down to help me move out of my apartment in 5 days and we were discussing details of the trip. Somehow we got off topic and started discussing summer plans. I told her that this summer I want to be happy. Call me crazy but this was my birthday wish! Honestly, I want to be a more positive and happier person. I want to be more outdoorsy and hands on. So as you can tell, I am pretty much making New Years' resolutions in April! Here is how I am going to go about it: 

1. Camping on the Pigeon River
This is as "extreme camping" as I get... Its absolutely gorgeous, but there are no bathrooms or running water. It's a make-your-own campsite so the SUV you drive there has to be able to tackle the two-track dirt roads that wind around the river. Any of the spots you choose are in the middle of bear country, so one has to be careful, but with a view like this how can you pass up a few nights under the stars?
2. DIY Projects

So far on the to-do list, I have a back porch, a half-bath, and a stairway to completely redesign and paint. I am thrilled! I cannot wait to to get my hands dirty, learn new talents, develop more skills, and be able to stand back from it and say "I just did that." Be prepared for those upcoming posts!

3. Happy hour with childhood friends
I have had the same best friends since I was in kindergarden. We all went to Catholic school together and then through high school, so its safe to say that these girls know me better than I know myself. We all went to different states for college and whenever we come home for the summers, its absolutely a given that we meet at our favorite bar to dish out gossip and catch up on each other's lives. The picture above was taken at the bar where I am currently working on a beer list. If you complete all the beers listed (50 different kinds from all around the world) then you receive a mug engraved however you wish. The mug is then hung amongst the others on the walls and ceiling that line the bar. So from that moment on, you walk in, grab your mug... give it to the bartender... then the drink poured into your mug is a dollar for life. Its pretty much a given if you live in my area to belong to the club! I am only 5 beers away from finishing. Weird thing to get excited about but hey its the little things that I love.
4. Bonfires on the shore of Lake Michigan
I love-love-love a good bonfire party.... my favorite summer memories involve sitting next to a bonfire looking out into the water.
5. Harbor Springs Boat Regatta 
Live music, free beer, and good friends. It usually signals the end of the summer, but its something to definitely look forward to.
6. Traverse City Beach Bums Baseball Games.
Yeah, its a farm-league but nonetheless its professional baseball. The tickets are cheap and I am a sucker for being able to sit out in the sun and watch some good baseball. Admire the players... Pick a favorite. The games are held an hour away from home, but its the perfect way to get out of town yet close enough to head back afterwards. I am hoping to have a few games picked out in the next few weeks and start getting friends together. Party bus for the trip maybe?!

So there you have it. My plans for the summer... I have to get in/enjoy all of these events while working 50 hour weeks at an aerospace engineering firm, but I know where there's a will there's a way!

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