Monday, October 15, 2012

I've Become a Julep Maven.

*This is not a sponsored post*

After a few emails, I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to become a Julep Maven...
I have tried Birchbox for the  majority of last year and I found myself feeling disappointed if I didn't receive any nail polish. I am quite addicted to changing my nail color twice once a week, so any new color would have made my day. Well then I found this company, Julep, that once a month they send you nail polishes and you get to preview them beforehand to make sure you want to buy that months' picks.

What? That is amazing!

I was completely blind-sided from how great the first package would be. I received this box on Friday (4 days after I ordered it) and everything I opened would be welcomed with a "yay!" No joke, my boyfriend watched me open it and said "so if I just buy you nail polish you'll stay happy forever?" My answer... "Umm, yes!"

So here's what I got:
A small Julep handled bag.
The nail polishes I received are (from left to right): Claire, Rose, Sasha, Emma, & Chelsea.
After taking their style quiz I was matched as a Boho Glam girl:
"An eternal romantic with an appreciation of beauty on a deeper level, you see your wardrobe as a creative drawing board. Your effortlessly elegant look pairs earthy neutral tones with fun, chic hues of turquoise, purple or orange."

Save to say I am all about it. I even ordered their extra Halloween box. Cannot wait for that baby to arrive on my doorstep.
I highly recommend you guys join. Here's the link. Also check the side of my blog for my referrel button that reads "I Am Boho Glame." Please say I sent you! (My code is 5660116) Anyone else out there a Julep Maven and loving it?!


ana jacobs said...

Sounds like fun!!
beijos, Ana
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PostgradPrep said...

I am a Maven and love it! It is also so great to have a preview of the next month and the option to change your style if your box is filled with colors you already have or enjoy.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love nail polish and hadn't heard of this!