Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Anniversary: Part 2

Mike and I are back from romantic weekend! It was way better than I had expected and everything turned out flawlessly... dinners, ferry trips, and especially the weather. We were supposed to leave town as soon as we both got out of work but the nerves set in and we decided to hit the driving range. One last practice session before hitting the golf course the following day.

After two bags of balls we drove up to Mackinaw City. I checked us into our room and he was so surprised when I opened the door... Hello big screen TV. Hello Jacuzzi tub. Hello king size bed with 7 pillows. Someone was crazy excited. We quickly got ready for dinner which was within walking distance so it was perfect to stroll downtown to the restaurant. While waiting for our table at the Dixie Saloon, we walked outside even more. We were complete tourists by poking our heads into the little shops and looking at little souvenirs.

By the time they called our table we were starving. Of course we got put all the way in the back of the restaurant by the empty kegs from the bar but honestly we couldn't have been happier. We were able to talk and plan out the rest of the night/weekend and even recap the last year we have spent together.
On the walk back to the hotel after a few drinks at different bars and shopping, Mike stopped me and said the sweetest words ever. "Your planning this has literally blown my mind. You plan things perfectly and I think I am enjoying this even more since I don't have to worry about a thing... you are the best girlfriend." I smiled...said thank you... and then started walking again saying over my shoulder, "You just wait until tomorrow, mister."

Fast-forward to the next day. We got up, dressed in our golf attire, and headed to the docks for our ferry to Mackinac Island. We didn't know that our ferry departure was the actually the extended trip which takes you under the Mackinac Bridge. It was crazy to look up at all the cars travelling above you and what's really cool is one side of the bridge is Lake Michigan and the other is Lake Huron. Loved it!

We grabbed our golf bags and headed to the Jewel Golf Course clubhouse. Little did we know it would be this beautiful and fun:

As you can see it was hands down the most gorgeous golf course I have ever played. We were trying to soak it all in but it seemed impossible. I highly recommend any golfers to put this place on their bucket list. Amazing!

Pretty sure this anniversary will be hard to top. Any ideas for next year? Any golf courses to check out? I'd love to hear some ideas!

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh that looks and sounds like it was a great time!! Glad the anniversary trip was a hit!