Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Fancies: Halloween Prep

I am linking up with {long distance loving} to show the blogging world what costume prep I have done so far before the big day arrives.
I decided early on that my boyfriend and I would do our first couple costume together. At one point in time, my girlfriends and I were going to dress as the Disney princesses but slowly but surely, everyone bailed. So since I already had my princess in mind, I wasn't ready to let the idea go. Everyone kept repeating, "you should still be her.." and finally I just agreed. So, I am keeping my costume idea and Mike and I will be... Pocahontas and John Smith.
Mike's costume is already done. This had to happen since he would never put it together himself, which would later lead to him not doing it at all. Everything worked out flawlessy since all it took was one Halloween store online and my brother's closet to produce his costume. So easy and so cheap.
1. Spanish Conquistador Hat (Halloween store online, $2.49)
2. Ralph Lauren Polo Sweater Vest (my brother's wardrobe)
3. Long sleeve button up shirt (in Mike's closet)
4. Pirate boot covers (Halloween store online, $9.99)

My costume... haven't even started. But I do have all the supplies. I just need a night to sit down and get going on it. I already own this brown dress, so I am going to remove the ruffles and put on fringe instead. Then use turquoise beads and ribbon to recreate Pocahotas' necklace. So definitely a few DIY projects to blog about are in the near future.
Anyway, I should mention the real reason why Mike hasn't vetoed his Halloween costume is because his pug is actually apart of our cast list. Her name is Lola and for one night and one night only she will become Percy the Pug!
Mike and I were laughing so hard trying to picture how we will all look together when boom another idea came to me. Now I have a Lola too, she's a Rat Yorkshire Terrier and already looks kind of like a raccoon. So my little Lola (yes we both have dogs named Lola, weird huh?) will become... Meeko!
I think I will make her a raccoon tail and maybe a mask around her eyes to complete the look. Ohh, I cannot wait until we take pictures. I think its going to be amazing!
So as you can see there is still a lot I need to do. My costume needs construction and I even have to make a dog collar and a raccoon costume. And I thought it would be a good idea to host my first grown up costumes and cocktail party... More DIY projects to come! Yay!

What are you guys being for Halloween? Are any of you doing any Halloween prep?

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That will be too cute!!! I bet you can find that suede for the fringe at Hobby Lobby.