Thursday, October 11, 2012

Are You Ever Ever Ever Getting Back Together?

I am a huge hockey fanatic fan and this whole lockout is literally killing me. All we can do as fans is just sit and wait for one side to give into a contract. The commissioner (I refuse to say that man's name) already cancelled games and honestly its not looking too good for the remaining season.

But thanks to my fellow hockey-loving-people on YouTube, they have provided me videos to help cheer me up or at least allow me to bond over how stupid this lockout has become.

1. A girl spoofs Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" about being completely heartbroken. The video has hockey player cutouts and ice cream, pretty much describes how I feel 100%. She has become my hero.
"And I would be tossing back a million Gin and Sprites, til I thought I could take home a Jet... I couldn't."
2. Things You Won't Hear During the NHL Lockout.
These two guys are amazing. Just like the Sh!t Girls Say video, it details all the little sayings and beliefs that hockey fans all over the country won't be thinking or saying out loud...ever!
"Hockey jerseys make me look so frumpy, I hate them."
"Ugh, I miss stadium food."
"Hockey's too slow anyway, I prefer major league baseball."

So I am hoping to laugh my way through this depression... true, there is always college hockey, my boyfriend's league games, and ice cream. That's a pretty great combination, but I need to be spoiled and see some Red Wings action.

Doesn't help that my Red Wings' calendar in my office cubicle stares at me all day. Come on, NHL lets pull this together! I need a legit hockey fix.
If you guys hear any good news or spot videos that will cheer me up (seriously they don't have to be hockey-related), please send them this way! Anyone else upset about the lockout?

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Hopefully it won't last long!