Friday, October 12, 2012


Current Book: An Object of Beauty: Steve Martin. It is this month's book club read and I am really enjoying it. I studied art while in college and this seems to put that knowledge to work.
Current Playlist: Mumford and Sons new cd, Babel. On repeat. Ohh goodness, its my cleaning/dancing/cooking/DIY playlist. Simply amazing.

Current Color(s): Deep reds and navy blues. Falling in love with orange too. Tis the season!
Current food/drink: Red wine. For some reason I have transitioned from whites, especially reisling, and into the world of reds.

Current favorite show: Revolution. I am a J.J.Abrams freak. Love everything that man does.

Current needs: A manicure. I don't have any color on my nails and thats a huge "no" for me.

Current banes of my existence: Dishes. I've been ignoring them, so tonight I'll have to bite the bullet and just do it. (Que the Mumford and Sons album!) 

Current celebrity crush: Not much of a celebrity but... Paul Ryan. Thank you, VP debate. Love him and his eyes.

Current Indulgence: Pumpkin Spice Lattes.
Current Outfit: Today is casual Friday at work, so hello jeans and a plaid button up shirt with riding boots.
Current Excitement: My Detroit Tigers winning Game 5 last night! I celebrated a little too hard last night. Justin Verlander threw for 9 innings.
Current Mood: Exhausted. From staying up for that 9:37 pm baseball game last night. Yeah, no sleep, but so worth it.
Current Favorite Quote or Verse: "You end up regretting things you don't try."

Current Wish List Item: Rose gold watch. Its my new obsession and I want to start working rose gold into my wardrobe and accessories.
What are you guys up to currently?

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Emily said...

You forgot to mention that Paul Ryan went to the same school as you - makes him 10x better than he already is!

xx Em