Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap-Up

Well I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving break… mine was pretty great! I was computer-less for the entire weekend just enjoying the company of my sister {home from college}, family, friends, and the boy. Seriously can’t say enough of how blessed I am. Here’s just a few highlights:
1. Christmas Tree Shopping… yes, we bought the best tree in the lot. I am obsessed with it, the only downfall is I haven’t gotten it decorated yet. So be expecting more pictures on that this week.
2. My brother is now being stopped to sign autographs… yeah, I don’t understand it but this small town thinks he will be something big someday. Let’s hope so!
3. Black Friday @ Walmart… I went crazy. I think most people on my list this year will get a present from me which is accompanied with a DVD. Sorry but I can’t resist getting a movie for $1.96, okay people?
4. Last night I wore a dress to the hockey rink for the first time in my life. About a month ago, in a buzzed {drunken} conversation, I agreed to attending one of the boys’ games all dolled up and then going to a dinner afterwards. Yeah… so needless to say, I put the dress on, sat through the best hockey game of all time, and surprisingly stayed warm. To make things even better the boyfriend scored the winning goal to make it a 5-4 final. Once the game ended, we kissed our boys goodbye and headed to the bar while waiting for the boys to get showered and redressed. Little did we know that they called each other during the day and decided to get dressed up too. So it seriously looked like prom night at the restaurant when the boys strolled in wearing dress shirts. Stinkin’ adorable! {They also credit the dresses to them winning the game… but we didn’t take the bait. Once is enough!}
If only we looked this gorgeous while cheering for the boys. I'd like to think we were the brunette version of Taylor, Kellie, and Carrie. {yeah right!}
I plan on making a few of these for the girlfriends of the boys on the team. My little DIY project for the week:
5. Last but certainly not least… My beloved Miami Redhawks won the Denver Cup this past weekend! Love & Honor. I couldn’t be happier that the team is now pulling together to start a winning streak that will hopefully continue into the last half of the season.

So cheers to winning hockey teams and a successful Thanksgiving. I cannot wait to jump into the Christmas holiday now. Thanks to Black Friday, I can start wrapping presents once I get my tree decorated first!

How was everyone's holiday? I want to know all about it.


Emily said...

I don't understand why Will always feels the need to be on the edge of the group posing perfectly, what a nut case.

xx Em

Sarah said...

I had a pretty good break, very relaxing. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Megg said...

Nice movie haul!
I had a pretty relaxed break. We drove about 5 hours to see family (new in-law family, yay!) and had a pretty relaxing/lazy Thanksgiving!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw, hopefully he'll become a big star one day!