Monday, December 12, 2011

Work Attire... Help!

So it’s officially finals week… tomorrow I will be conquering my first exam and hopefully kicking its butt. In the back of my mind though is the fact that next week starts my first day of being a full-time engineer at work. I graduate from being a jean-wearing intern to a smartly-dressed engineer {seems ironic huh?} After hitting the books this week, I plan on hitting up a few stores in town for a few pieces to celebrate being a “real person.” Shopping spree after completing the semester? Seems like the only way to rejoice.
Thanks to Pinterest, I have a few “work office attire” inspiration to work off of:

 Living in Northern Michigan... this is the way to go!
Its extremely important to learn how to ROCK FLANNEL while living in this winter tundra for the next few months.
So does anyone have a few office attire tips for me? What is your go-to outfit of choice? How do you dress nice but feel comfortable. Help me out.


lauren said...

what i would give to rock that flannel and sweater outfit. my god!

miss andrea lee said...

I wear a lot of variations of the same combos. Like skirts & sweaters w/ flats (much like the outfits you have here) I also wear a lot of ankle pants w/ sweaters. My office isn't that dressy so I wear a more casual top with a skirt instead of a buttondown. If I wear a buttondown I wear a cardi not a blazer. Well I hope this helps! Good luck!

Emily said...

I saw that last picture somewhere too, it's all from J.Crew and I want it all. It seems like everyone has that flannel shirt.

xx Emily @