Thursday, December 15, 2011

Early Christmas Present? Yes Please.

So this morning I arrived at work to see a present sitting on my desk… an interesting looking present, to say the least.
Yes that is tape being wrapped around the paper in order to keep it attached while the bow is made up of leftover tape. This is the work done by my best guy friend, B. The card is the cutest and means more to me than what’s under the wrapping paper {or so I thought!} and it says:

"To: Rah
For all your time and dedication, hopefully this makes it more enjoyable! Merry Christmas!

Love ya, Brandon"

He told me I had to open it today since I will be needing it the next few days. So here’s my beautiful/thoughtful gift...

Stadium chair for the ice rink!
While I am checking it out and laughing saying “thank you” he is pointing out its bells and whistles saying “here’s where you can put your Diet Coke or beer… here’s where you can store your Crossword Puzzles from People Magazine or even your homework.” He seriously thought of everything!
Tonight, I am going to be at the ice rink for hours {literally hours} to watch my boyfriend be a goalie in one game then a defensemen in the next. Looks like I will be putting this contraption to work! The best part is how practical of a gift it is, as well as how in the locker room last night my boyfriend kept telling B, "dude, stop rubbing it in how perfect your gift is for her... you are making me look bad because I haven't gotten her anything yet." Haha let the pressure of gift-buying begin!
Just when I think hockey couldn't get any better... now with some back support and cushion between the metal bleachers, it has!


Sarah said...

Such a thoughtful and practical gift! Have fun tonight!

Virginia said...

I NEED one of those for my brothers football games! We rented a simple one the first time we went down for $4 or something, and it was so comfortable! Now I want this one!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It sounds like that gift had a lot of thought in it!!