Monday, December 5, 2011

Giving Is Better Than Receiving...

Since everyone on my Christmas list has a present literally under the tree for them right now, I find myself looking at my bank account and thinking… “maybe a few more gifts would do.” Pretty crazy, huh? But this commercial pretty much sums up how I have been acting/feeling lately about being done with Christmas shopping:
It was has been about 2 years since I have had a boyfriend during the Christmas season, so I have this obsession to buy the boy everything. Here’s a list of things I know he’d love:
1. Underarmour Hockey Compression Shirt
2. Always Sunny in Philadephia Season 3
3. Red Wings Coozie
4. Oakley Aviator Hockey Shield Visor
5. Miami Hockey Tee {This is my favorite team and alma mater so of course he will be repping this on game days!}
6. Black Polo Sweater

The only thing I'm not completely done with is his stocking. So if anyone has any fun things for a guy's stocking please let me know. Both funny and serious gift ideas are welcome! I am out of practice in this part of gift-giving :) 

Happy shopping, loves.


Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

I like to tuck goofy things in Kyle's stocking - this year there's some movie theatre candy (for all the holiday films I'm dragging him to see) and an iTunes gift card. He also loves "guy toys." Sometimes I put in little action figures or kid movies. Good luck!

Megg said...

Oh man, stockings are so hard for guys! This is the first year I'm doing a stocking for my husband (last year we were away and his mom did it. Score!) but I'm taking a leaf out of my mom's book and doing things like coffee, cookies he loves and candy. Simple, and it's not little junk that I know he won't use! Oh, and razor blades! I know it's silly, but it's something he'll use!
Strangely enough, he's only putting 1 thing in my stocking. I don't think he understands stocking stuffers...